Pain Above Eyebrow And Behind Eye

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    Just gotten over Flu and am now having what appears to be a migraine?
    I've had it since the middle of the night and then on and off all day. Ive never had a migraine before but my symptoms are:

    Slight blurred, tunnel vision
    Sharp headache pain on left side of forehead and temple
    Sore to touch above and around left eyebrow
    Sore behind left eye

    • ANSWER:
      It does sound like it could be a migraine. If you are also experiencing a sensitivity to light, sound and smell and nausea the peaks when the pain in the head gets worse, then for sure it is.

      Take some excedrin, grab an ice pack for you head and neck and get ye to a cool, dark and quiet room. Sleeping it off is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the pain without having to deal with it in the mean time.

      If it continues or gets worse, your local instacare or emergency room can help with further treatment.

      EDIT: I forgot to mention that you should try to drink as much fluids as you can. Dehydration from vomiting due to the flu can be the cause of this migraine

    Can sinus pressure cause pain in the back of your head?
    I think I may have a sinus infection but i'm not sure. I have pressure in my forehead and across my nose, in my cheeks. However, I also have a sharp pain above/behind my right ear and into the base of my head. Could this be caused by sinus problems too? What type of pain can sinus problems be responsible for? Maybe this pain is something else?

    • ANSWER:
      Am a bit disappointed in some of the answers appearing here. The sinuses are within the bone. Spaces. External manipulation does not go through bone.

      What you outline here is a fairly common distress and is too often misdiagnosed as a sinus problem.. Yet does not respond to sinus treatments.

      You have outlined the course of the facial nerve. You can verify this feature simply by finding the notch in the eyebrow and pressing on it. There is another notch on the inner aspect of the prominence of the cheek bone. If you check each area you will find it corresponds with the pain above the ear. Can next check at the base of the skull and will find the same degree of tenderness when applying pressure to that area.

      We have now outlined at least 2 of the cranial nerves being inflamed. There is little doubt that other of the cranial nerves are also being effected by this inflammatory process. The facial nerve exits through those notches, as outlined above. The nerve above the ear is the auricular nerve. It can create a very hot pain when you move a certain way and touch it with that motion.

      It appears you have the problem primarily of the right side. Which indicates you have a a pretty evident postural discrepancy. That soreness at the base of the skull indicates where the muscles attach to the skull and are under constant tension, just to keep your head pulled toward the center or, maintain the head above the feet. You will notice a balance problem just by putting your feet together and then closing your eyes. Presently you keep your balance by keeping the feet pretty well separated. You also may be aware of being more comfortable by standing on one leg rather than the other. All indicating a postural discrepancy.

      Would suggest a visit to see a doctor of Chiropractic and see if this can be easily corrected. It will continue to progress if not treated appropriately.

    What could be causing massive headaches and pain in the frontal lobe years after a serious head injury?
    I have really bad headaches in the front of my head and across the bridge of nose after suffering a serious injury years ago in which my nose was broken.My nose was re-set at that time.I had xrays and MRI's done at the time and have had facial xrays since and all show nothing wrong.I still feel massive pressure in the front of my head and across the bridge of my nose and behind my eyes.

    • ANSWER:
      Okay . .this might sound a bit crazy to you but I promise, I know what I'm talking about. It has to do with your chakra. I've known about 20 different people with this same problem in the last year. It has to do with the energy of the planet. The global vibration is speeding up and that means that more energy is entering our chakras. The energy in your 3rd eye chakra is stagnant and not moving freely. Meds and doctors can't help. You could take a zillion tests but they won't reveal your energetic blockages. Go to Walgreens of Longs or Kmart or some office supply store and buy those little colored circular stickers that teachers use on school papers. Wear the royal blue stickers over your 3rd eye ( above bridge of nose, between eyebrows)to bed everynight or buy a lavender scented soap ( Dr. Bronner's liquid magic soap is awesome and can be used as shampoo for short hair) or buy a clear quart crystal or amethyst and sleep with it under your pillow or everynight, massage the area with lotion or olive oil containg lavender oil. Please take care not to get it in the eyes. As the chakra opens, the pressure will lessen. Please trust me . .I know this and IT WILL WORK!!! I am a lightworker!!

    Is it possible to have a sinus-related headache if I do not have any other symptoms of a sinus infection?
    Just wondering if this is possible. I definitely have pressure in my head that feels like sinus pressure, but I don't have any other symptoms like nasal discharge or anything like that. If so, are there any good ways to help ease the pain/pressure without taking medicine?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. Impacted sinus infection can be well up there and not dripping and hurts above the eyes and eyebrows. Sometimes across the forehead. But this type is rarer than a normal sinus infection. Have you had a cold or virus in the last week or two? Fever? Earache? These can also cause sinus pain. Also, you can get this pain after flying and having inner ear infections and it ends up in your sinuses and ears. Water in the canals from ears from swimming can bring on a sinus infection.

      So there are many causes. Another is straining from the eyes, can hurt not only above the eyes and eyebrows, but behind the eyes as well. This comes with being on computer too long and not blinking enough.

      If you still have this pain and it gets overwhelming, see your doctor.

    Do you fell pressure on your eye when you blow your nose?
    At around age 30, I began getting pressure behind my right eye when I am congested and blow hard. At times, the pressure pushes water(or other liquid nastiness?) out of my eye and once even created a small bubble on my eyelid.

    Am I the only one who gets pressure and, at times, liquid from my eye when I blow? Once again, this appears to happen only when I'm very congested.
    msberrypicker--yup, I feel air sometimes too. The pressure behind my eye makes it feel like it wants to pop out sometimes, though it's not usually that strong.

    • ANSWER:
      If i am not wrong its called Sinusitis... it usually occurs during cold due to the mucus infection in yr sinuses... feeling a little pressure between your ears can be eased by this method used by me ;)
      put both of yr index fingers(one next to the thumb) in the middle of yr forehead just above yr eyebrows... then apply adequate pressure and start sliding both yr fingers towards the corresponding ears... do it a few times and u should feel relaxed!

      this is only for the light discomfort however... if the pain gets to intense then by all means go see a doctor because sinusitis can be dangerous for your eye sight!!! take proper medicines and try to keep your sinuses clean to reduce infections!

pain above eyebrow and behind eye