Astigmatism And Floaters

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    In Texas Houston, who do you recommend for lasik vision correction for minor astigmatism?
    In Texas Houston, who do you recommend for lasik vision correction for astigmatism? What is the approximate cost? What other things should I be aware about with this procedure and choosing a doctor?

    • ANSWER:
      Its expensive, some insurance agencies do not cover it because they consider it a cosmetic procedure or some other excuse. lasik vision is not permanent, after awhile you must go through it again to keep the correction. LASIK is performed in three steps. The first step is to create a flap of corneal tissue. The second step is remodeling of the cornea underneath the flap with the laser. Finally, the flap is repositioned. A corneal suction ring is applied to the eye, holding the eye in place. This step in the procedure can sometimes cause small blood vessels to burst, resulting in bleeding or hemorrhage into the white of the eye,Some patients with poor outcomes from LASIK surgical procedures report a significantly reduced quality of life because of vision problems or physical pain associated with the surgery. it is possible to have a long list of complications during or after the procedure.
      some of the more frequently reported complications of LASIK:

      * Surgery induced dry eyes
      * Overcorrection or undercorrection
      * Very Low level vitamin D - Sun sensitivity
      * Visual acuity fluctuation
      * Halos or starbursts around light sources at night
      * Light sensitivity
      * Ghost images or double vision
      * Wrinkles in flap
      * Decentered ablation
      * Debris or growth under flap
      * Thin or buttonhole flap
      * Induced astigmatism
      * Corneal Ectasia
      * Floaters
      * Epithelium erosion
      * Posterior vitreous detachment
      * Macular hole

      Ah, I wouldn't do it.

    Is it strange at my age to see floaters and flashes of light?
    I got my first floater about five months ago (I'm 15), yeah it was incredibly annoying. I know you can get them at any age, but isn't that a little young? I also started seeing these wierd flashes of light, like sparks or little lightining strikes frequently, but they stopped after awhile.

    Is any of this something that should concern me?
    P.S. In response to someones comment, I don't have astigmatism and I do wear glasses.
    And apparently they have nothing to do with my problem :P

    • ANSWER:
      You can get floaters at any age, It sounds like an ocular migraine. Retinal detachments have many floaters and constant flickering lights, you also get blurred vision and will often have areas of vision missing like a curtain was pulled over part of it. A vitreous detachment can cause floaters also and some flashes of light, this however is harmless.
      Astigmatism does not cause this (or does it have anything to do with the shape of your pupil, it is the cornea), the connections in the back of the eye do not cross over, I have never seen a patient referred to psych,and if you work in this field you should be able to properly spell Ophthalmologist!

    What does it mean when your eyes see circles?
    For the past couple of days I have noticed that when looking around, my eye is seeing this small circle with a dot inside of it. I have an astigmatism and i'm near sighted. I was just wondering if this was a bad sign, or if i need to go to an eye doctor.

    can anyone help me??

    • ANSWER:
      You may be seeing floaters. I sometimes see a dot with a white circle inside or vice versa and they are definitely floaters. In my case they are okay because they are a result of several eye surgeries I've had however floaters could be a sign of retinal tears, holes or detachments. j But, they could also mean nothing..some people get them for no reason at all. So if you are really concerned and this has been going on for a while I would definitely suggest seeing an optometrist. It is better to get it checked out then to let it go and develop a problem later on. Good Luck!

    I have astigmatism, near sightedness, and floaters?? Can I still get lasik?
    I wear special contacts for astigmatism.

    I'm wondering in the future, can I still get LASIK/LASEK eye surgery even though I have astigmatism, nearsightedness, and floaters???

    Would they make my floaters appear more?

    • ANSWER:
      Lasik has no effect on floaters, and floaters have no effect on Lasik.

      Nearsightedness correction is what Lasik does best.

      Astigmatism is more limited in how much can be corrected by lasik.

      But, there are other criteria that have to be considered also, such as corneal thickness and tear quality.

      So, no one can tell you if you are a good candidate until tests have been done. It can't really even be considered until you are in your early 20's and your vision has been stable for a couple of years.

      The laser clinics offer free consultations and will tell you when the time is right and if you are a good candidate.

    Floating black dots caused by astigmatism?
    Since yesterday, I have been experiencing floating black dots in the vision of my right eye. I have astigmatism...would that cause it? I also haven't been getting much sleep in the past 4 days.

    • ANSWER:
      They're called floaters and they usually just come with age

    What could this mean by being half blind in one eye?
    I woke up with this problem one morning and thought that maybe I had film residue that I had somehow wiped in my lid while sleeping. Tried all day to get rid of it but nothing worked. I took a flashlight to my eye, looked in the mirror to see if I had something it or on it. Nothing. Then I did the dilatation test. After that, I REALLY had a hard time seeing with the entire eye. When I blinked something strange happened. I saw a rippling effect. Like the 1st layer of my eye came off then back in place. This still happens. It doesn't hurt, it's not uncomfortable, it's just rather distribing and annoying. On bright days (whether sunny or not) I HAVE to wear sunglasses because the slightest bit stings and makes it tear. My doctor can't find the cause nor can find anything wrong. Then about a month later, there was a segment on the news about my very symptoms and other optometrists can't diagnose or anything. I do wear glasses and contacts. Also have astigmatism in both eyes. Is it possible that my astigmatism burst creating a slight hallow point in my eye?

    • ANSWER:
      Mate, astigmatism means that your eye's lens is slightly imperfect, so what you see isn't focused right. It cannot burst. And if a layer off your eye had come of a doctor probably would see. Being sensitive to bright light when your pupils have been dilated by medicine is normal, should wear off, though. So what you actually got is this rippling effect, which is a bit vague... floaters, maybe?

    What causes floaters in the eye?
    I've been having a black floating dot for about two weeks now, and it's starting to worry me. When I went outside today clear floating things appeared too. I'm going to call my eye doctor on Monday to see when I can come in, but what causes them? If it helps I'm 19 (can't be because of age), I have astigmatism in my right eye, and I wear contacts.

    • ANSWER:
      Most people will experience floaters eventually, but you are a bit young to start seeing them. Could just be a few floaters and they will sink to the bottom of your eye and you will no longer see them. The vitreous (a gel like substance in the eye) becomes stringy, pieces breaks away and we see floaters, which look like tiny flies, dots, dust specks or tiny squiggly lines. There really is no worthwhile cure and it is a normal occurrence. There actually is a surgical cure but most ophthalmologist advise against it. If you start seeing flashing lights (like lightening) and curtailed vision (like a veil over your eye), call your eye specialist for an emergent appointment or go to the Emergency Room of your nearest hospital. If you just see the floaters, keep your scheduled eye doctor's appointment and I'm sure everything will be fine.

      Making an appointment with your ophthalmologist or optometrist to be sure nothing else is going on was the right thing to do. Everyone should have a comprehensive eye exam every few years. Most of us don't see an Ophthalmologist or optometrist until we have a real problem, which might have been prevented or minimized if we had regular exams.

    Is it normal for teenagers to have eye floaters?
    Because I read somewhere that its NOT normal for teens to have them and im 17 and alot of my friends tell me they have them. I have eye floaters when I go outside, And I recently had a full eye exam, I was diagnosed with astigmatism, and nothing else was wrong with my eyes. But when I go outside i see floaters and its like a lot of REally small kinda transparent dots towards the top and when i look at them they move. Are these floaters? Or am i going blind?

    • ANSWER:
      i got those things all the time when i was a teenager. I still get them once and a while.

    I Am 13 And I Have Floaters In My Vision?
    I have about 8 floaters in my vision and they are really annoying I have had them for years but I don't know the exact date I got them.Is there any way to get rid of these annoying things and how do I do it?
    It was confirmed that they were floaters by an optomertrist and I forgot to ask him how to get ridof them.

    • ANSWER:
      I developed floaters around the age of 12 or 13, now 28, they don't get worse or better in my case, I was told that I have them because of Nearsightedness with Astigmatism, always had it...
      I can't count my floaters, they usually happen when I look at something white or the sky, they are numerous if I stair for a long time...
      also I have seen spider web looking ones, I just live with them, but I'm sure there are options out there.

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