One thought on “Coconut Oil Eye Floaters

  1. how can i fix my stomache, balance, and vision problems? (all seemingly connected)?
    hi. I am a 28yo male and Ive had increasing symptoms building up for years and years. Every test a doctor will (reluctantly) administer never yields any results. I’ve had several complete cbc’s and the only thing that was ever found out to be abnormal was that I have extremely low vitamin d. (which i understand can be an indicator of a disease process). I’ve had several stool tests for parasites which were negative too.

    That being said I figured I would give this a try and see if anyone has any ideas.. ok, the onset of my more recent (more serious) symptoms began in december of last year. My wrists began to tighten up and hurt really bad. A rapid unusual onset of arthritis? Next my vision was starting to go, and I have perfect 2020 vision so I quickly noticed that my vision was abnormal. What happened was it would get blurry and i would have trouble focusing on things. This remains still tho not as bad, and I now see many more ‘floaters’ now than i ever had before, especially in my left eye (as if i had some kind of eye infection attack that i never completely recovered from). But my vision is… better now. I must also mention that while i was having this blurred vision and unable to focus perfectly, I could still pass 20/20 on an eye exam.

    Beyond that my balance started to go. When i walk around now, I struggle and concentrate to walk straight but my balance always throws me off. It is more psychologically distressing than physically but still a very upsetting symptom for me.

    The most severe symptom I have been having (recently) is this nonstop stomache pain/bloating/cramping/constipation. I’ve thought perhaps I have aquired some food allergies so I have all but cut out gluten from my diet and for the most part lactose (though I still take probiotic supplements and yogurts as I feel they may possibly help..). I’ve eliminated junk food and am trying hard to stick to raw foods. Sometimes at points during the day, it seems to help, and other points the gas/bloating/pain will return regardless.

    Admittedly I drank for years. Daily at times (though not for 4-5 years or so) so I’m worried about liver problems obviously, and I have an appointment on thursday. I do not drink anymore however as of 2 months or so. To me it seems like some kind of immune problem like AIDS could be likely, but I have been tested over and over and it is always negative. Possible this is false negative? lol… I also worry about hepatitis as a possibility and will discuss this with my doctor.

    any ideas? I just cant stand dying like this and having no hope or help from doctors or anyone. I suppose the next logical option is to push my doc to refer to a gi specialist… but does anyone have any ideas bout these symptoms? would be appreciated.

    thanx for reading

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