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  1. Inside and outside corners of eyes are really itchy.?
    For the past week, it was normally at night but I woke up today and all four corners are itchy. I have allergies to grass but have been taking my meds so could it be connected? also, my eyes have been really red and I wear contacts but I put them in a hydroxide peroxide solution overnight.
    I am using the special lens case and I don’t have an those two eye infections.
    *conjunctivitis because I’ve had it before and it didn’t feel like this.

    • Are you making sure that you use the contact solution with the special lens case it comes with? You need a lens case that has platinum in it to break down the hydrogen peroxide.
      Otherwise it could be allergies as they can cause itchy eyes maybe something in your bedroom if its mainly at night and the meds aren’t working well for it.
      Or perhaps you have an eye infection like conjunctivitis, are your eyes crusty or weepy?

  2. What could cause a twitching eyelid?
    For almost a week, my eyelid has been off and on slightly twitching on the outside corner of my left eye. It feels like it’s on a puppet string and someone’s pulling it gently, but quickly, to the side. Nothing really sets it off, and it does it 3-4 times before it stops, then a few minutes later repeats itself. My eye isn’t itchy or red. It just feels really weird and is getting a little annoying. Any thoughts on what it could be?

    • I’ve had this happen many times. It’s usually due to lack of sleep. Although there can be many causes, I would say that mixed with stress or anxiety can cause your eye to twitch. Sometimes I get the same twitch between my thumb and pointer finger. Odd feeling, but it should go away, most likely when you’re not thinking about it.

  3. What do I do about this lump on my eye?
    Since Friday I’ve had this small red lump on the inner corner of my left eye on the outside of the top lid. It’s hurts a little bit if I press it but it was worse before. The few days before I got this lump my eyes were itchy but I thought it was hay fever. On the inside of my eyelid behind the lump is a white dot the size of a pencil point but it isn’t something that is stuck in my eye. WHAT DO I DO?!!?! HELP ME!!!

  4. The outside corner of my eye is red and sore?
    It was really itchy today and i couldn’t stop rubbing my face and think i rubbed it raw.
    How are other ways besides eye drops to keep my eyes moisturized .

    • Hi there! It sounds as if it very irritated, perhaps from tearing from the cold. The cause is irrelevant. A warm moist cloth will be very soothing. I would also check with your Dr. or Pharmacist for an eye ointment like Artificial Tears to put on when you go to bed. Withing a few days, you should be feeling better. BTW…not wearing makeup on your eyes is a very wise thing to do. It is only going to further irritate the area. Nothing should be put by your eyes until you feel better. You may find that the culprit is something that you are wearing or using.

  5. One side of my eye is bloodshot?
    Hi, yesterday morning I woke up to find a small red spot on the outside corner of my right eye. (not extreme corner, but you can see it if i look straight)

    This morning I woke up to find the same area bloodshot. (I can see all the veins in red detail.)
    What’s wrong with my eye? should I go to the doctor?

    • Probably just a little capillary that busted due to some sort of strain. But have it checked out anyway. Especially if it’s very irritated or itchy.

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