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  1. question Re: Recurrent cat eye infection? (please see details)?
    I have two cats who are experiencing recurrent eye infections. The vet prescribed an antibiotic ointment that actually made the problem worse. the only thing that has helped is rubbing apple cider vinegar on the cats neck, which seems to retard the infection for a day or two but it returns.
    i have also tried adding lysine to their food which also seems to help but still the infection keeps returning.I am reluctant to go back to the vet, since the antibiotic ointment he gave did not help at all.
    Has anyone out there had any luck with any other treatments?

    • I have this book from the library and am going to type down word for word:

      “Rinse the eyes with an herbal eyewash. Dr. Priest recommends boiling a cup of pure water and adding two to four drops of eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) extract. Boil the solution for another minute, then let it cool entirely. Draw some solution into a dropper and rinse your pets’ eyes once a day.” (for allergies)

      “The herb eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that nourishes and eases irritated eyes, says Betsy Walker Harrison, D.V.M., a holistic veterinarian in private practice, in Wimberley, Texas. She recommends mixing five drops of eyebright extract in a cup of saline solution and putting a few drops in each of your pet’s eyes. or you can soak a gauze pad in the soultion and use it to gently swab her eyes once or twice a day. Eyebright also works a compress. Steep an eyebright tea bag in a cup of warm water for five minutes. Let it cool, then use the tea to moisten a soft, clean cloth. Gently hold the damp cloth across your pet’s eyes. You can apply the compress twice a day for three to five minutes at a time.” (For eye irritation)

      However, they say to CALL a vet immediately if your animal shows one (or more) of the four signs listed below:

      -The eye is clearly painful, and your pet is shaking her head or pawing her eye to get relief.
      -The blood vessels in the whites of the eyes (the sclera) are unusually swollen.
      -The main part of the eye, the cornea, has unusual lines or circles, or it appears to be layered.
      -The entire eye suddenly becomes cloudy.


      Maybe you should look into a different vet if that last vet gave something that didn’t help at all. Or call your current vet and tell her that the antibiotics that she gave didn’t help at all, instead just made the problem worse. If she is stumped, go to a different vet.

      Hope this helps!

  2. How to treat a raccoon with mange?
    I have an orphaned 4 week old raccoon. He started having flaky skin about a week ago on his back legs, now it’s spread. His skin is starting to get crusty and his fur is getting thin. I’ve looked up the symptoms and I’m 90% sure it’s sarcoptic mange. Besides his skin he’s very healthy. I can’t take him to a vet, vets around here will not treat raccoons. Do you know any home remedies for mange? I’ve googled home remedies and I’m considering making a mixture of…

    Apple Cider Vinegar
    garlic oil
    Cooking oil
    lavender oil
    olive oil
    colloidal silver

    Supposedly individually these help by smothering the mites or have other skin soothing and antibacterial benefits. I figured combining them in a spray bottle and applying it once or twice a day would help more than taking time to try them all individually. I’m gonna give him at least one or two baths a day with lukewarm water and dawn dish soap. I want to hurry and get him better before it gets worse! Is there anything here that you know won’t work? (By experience, not just by guessing it won’t work!) Any suggestions to make the mixture better? He’s very young, so I can’t use anything that will be too harsh.

    (Before people start freaking out, I’m NOT going to keep him as a pet. I’ve raised raccooons before, I live in the middle of no where, we have 40 acres of land, mostly woods, and when he’s big enough I’m going to release him.)

  3. I need medical advice for my jack russel terrior?
    She has a bloody nose out of her right side and her right eye is slightly swollen and developing a third eye lid. She also has a lump between her eyes. Went to the vet and shes been on anti biotics for two weeks with no improvement, Any suggestions. Thanks

  4. will apple cider vinegar work?
    i have heard that if you apply ACV to a cat’s neck that it will clear up eye infections. has anyone actually tried this and did it work?

    • Yes – and if you apply it to the bottom of the feet it’ll cure headaches. To the tip of the tail – instant cure for blindness!

      Give me a break – how would what you’re saying be possible? If you cat has an eye infection GET IT TO VET so the vet can give you the SAFE appropriate medication the cat needs. Don’t try home remedies. If that’s all you can afford then go grab your cat carrier, put your cat in it and drive it to the nearest no-kill shelter and surrender it.

  5. 10 week old kitten with an eye infection?
    Tried apple cider viniger, warm milk, eye drops and neosporin. Nothing seems to work. Is there any home remedies that I can use to clear it up. I know vet is an option but if it can be cleared up without going to a vet I would like to do that. yellow pus and her eye is swollen

    • the vet is not just an option, it is a necessity. Eye infections are insidious and with out knowing WHY the eye is infected you can’t properly treat it and left untreated you could risk loosing the eye (which is even more expensive then getting the problem taken care of now while it is still just small)

      btw, neosporin is NOT an eye ointment. You really should not be putting anything in a cat’s eye that you would not put in your own. cider vinegar?? i can’t imagine how painful that must have been for your poor cat, and since you don’t mention what kind of eye drops I just have to say that was pretty risky as well. Cats do not have the same ability to metabolize medications that we do, and simple aspirin can be deadly for a cat, not to mention many of the other medications we can take easily. If these were eye drops to reduce redness I would HIGHLY recommend you call an emergency vet and tell them what it was that you used and ask if your kitten is in any danger from the ingredients. I don’t want to sound like an alarmist, but it is very serious.

      If you are unwilling to get your kitty to an emergency clinic (and I would be for a swollen puss filled eye for any of my cats or foster kittens) then a face cloth with warm water can be used to clean the puss off from the outside of the eye, and pure saline eye drops will help keep the eye moisturized and will do a minimal amount of flushing of the puss coming from the inside of the eye. But I say that only with the caveat that if you wait you seriously risk further damage to the eye itself and risk this becoming a much more complicated and serious situation.

      If your kitty stops eating or becomes lethargic (sleepy) then you need to RUN that kitten to the vet.

  6. Do allergies cause sinus infections and migraines?
    I will start from beginning to explain further. In Sept 2011 I was getting a sinus infection and migraine every 2 months and I was told you see an ent and had surgery for deviated septum, concha ballosa, and an extra lining in left nostril in April 2012 I had issues thinking there was blood etc from the surgery stuck in my nose and the doctor cleaned me out and gave me antibiotics 2 times in 2 months following surgery. I was still getting the migraine every 2 months like clockwork on the wed or thurs around the 2 month mark and happened to coinside with my menstrul cycle so I assumed it was because of that but the sinus issues seemed to cclear up until Jan 2013 in which i was put on antibotics again and have had several sinus infections since Jan. My pcp gave me imitrex for the headaches in january and I went off the pill in feb as the dr thought the migraines could have been from drop in estrogen but I got the clockwork headache again may 8 th. I also went to see an allergist in March 2013 as I didnt before bc i never had the itchy eyes runny nose or any allergy symptoms whatsoever but i am allergy to cats, dust mites, house dust, weeds, grass, trees, mold etc. The dr put me on Astepro and singulair and eventually I started allergy shots the beginning of April 2013. The last few weeks I have had headaches with sinus issues almost everyday which is weird as I feel I am worse off than when this whole mess started. The allergist told me there is a possibity that my allergy symptoms are getting stuck and causing the sinus infections but I dont understand how those symptoms could get stuck and I couldnt really find anything on the internet related to that. I have also started going to chiropractor and drinking apple cider vinegar. I am at the point now where frustration is taking over and its starting to interfere with my daily life. I do know allergy shots take a long time to kick in and I never had allergy issues before so is this what allergy suffering feels like? I also find it odd the migraines(they are so bad I cant go to work and vomit alot) happen every 2 months like clockwork since sept 2011. The symptoms have also switch up since this started as i always got the sinus infection and headache together but now they are seperate occurances. I know this is long but if anyone has any thoughts I would greatly appreciate it as I am at a loss of where to go now as do i suffer until hopefully allergy shots kick in or am i missing something!

    • Sounds familiar. I get allergies all the time and if I have sinus build up then i am guaranteed to get an infection. As a matter of fact, i have a double ear infection right now from sinus/allergies. It seems to be a regular occurence for me and so I just go with it. It is important that I take a decongestant to keep my sinuses dry to avoid infection and that seems to help me best.

      Good luck!

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