Cyclobenzaprine 10mg For Menstrual Cramps

Frequently Asked Questions

    can medication delay menstrual cycle?
    my doctor put me on naproxen 500mg tablet tev (take one tablet twice a day) and cyclobenzaprine 10mg tablemyl(take 1 tablet every evening).

    i been cramping for two days and usually have my period close to the end of the month. mt cramp are odd. i usually have cramps a day before i start but its been two days. the cramps hurt and last as long than usual.

    i just wondering I'm not worried.

    i haven't had sex ( still a virgin) so could it be my medication.

    I got 10 days left on my second pills and 41 on the first pills
    on the 41 i meant thats how manys pils i got left not days

    • ANSWER:
      yep, a whole lot of things can stop your period though. stress, infection, dehydration, medication...obviously pregnancy...
      Just talk to your doctor about it to make sure but it is a possibility considering time frame

cyclobenzaprine 10mg for menstrual cramps

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