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  1. what is wrong if you have a sore eye with the bottom swollen?
    my eye is really sore and the bottom , kindda in the corner is swollen like a bump. its not pink or red tho. what can i do to treat it?

  2. Is there a difference between pink eye and conjuctivitis?
    My eye all of a sudden started to feel sore yesterday and today i woke up with it a liitle bit swollen in the inner corner. Its a little itchy and very sore. Theres no little bump visible like it would be if it was a sty. What is it and is it contagious? What home remedy can i do to make it go away? Please help!!!

    • Pink eye and cunjuctivitis are the same thing. Try a hot compress (not too hot) held over the eye (eye closed) for 5 minutes 4 to 5 times a day. This will help relieve the pain. If it hasn’t improved or gets worse, see your eye doctor on Monday. They should be able to work you in.

  3. What does a red blotch in the corner of the eye indicate?
    The other day I woke up with a red blotch in the corner of my eye. My eye is not sore, although today I was told it looked a bit swollen and discoloured on the skin underneath (I didn’t notice this). Should I be concerned about this? What can I do to get rid of the red?
    I doubt it’s pinkeye, because it’s not running nor itchy. It doesn’t hurt. It looks bad – like blood in the eye. What could it be?

  4. Can new born baby guinea pigs get conjuncivitus?
    My guinea pig gave birth to 5 babies and one looks like it has conjunctivitus, really sore closed up eyes. What do u think it is?

  5. What is this red line along my upper eyelid?
    There is a bold, red line going straight across the edge of my upper eyelid. It’s so straight at first I thought somebody assaulted me with eyeliner in my sleep. When I look closer, my eye is also beginning to appear bruised. I am really concerned because I’ve done a load of searching for something similar to this on the internet and… NOBODY IS HELPFUL. Nobody has any idea what it could mean or they tell me it’s cancer which is in no way funny. And people really fudge describing it in a way others can understand their condition, so I’m going into a considerable amount of detail about my personal experience with this unexplained streak to make things easier for everyone hopefully.
    Like I said, my right upper eyelid has this distinct red line right along the lash line like a stroke of red or reddish brown eyeliner, and it even stretches slightly to reach the outer corner of my eye. It was NOT there yesterday. However, the bruising sensation had already been present, and at first I thought it might just be a sty. And to add to my anxiety, that eye looks and actually is slightly bruised for no reason. It’s tender to the touch but isn’t all out sore, although there is some discomfort whenever I move my eyelid. It is NOT SWOLLEN/PUFFY OR FLAKY, and my eye itself is not doing anything out of the ordinary. The only other distinguishing thing about it is that it’s itchy. I cannot for the life of me recall doing anything to even remotely injure my eye- no accidentally punching myself with an eyeliner pencil, no cat/dog scratches, nothing.
    If anybody has any idea of what this is, please enlighten me with personal experience or a a link to a professional site that may hold the answer. I can’t go to get it checked out until Monday, and I’m freaking out because it has no business being there and if it’s some sort of huge thing, I want to catch it early.
    Also, regardless of my results here, I do intend to get a proper consultation from a specialist, so please don’t even mention it.
    Thank you in advance.

  6. My eyes are very sore from extreme crying. What can i put on them to help?
    The outside corner of one eye is visibly red and they both hurt. There’s some very serious issues going on in my life right now, so asking me to stop crying isn’t really an option, although I appreciate it.

    • Take an aspirin to bring down overall swelling. Tea bags, wet and just lukewarm for about 5 minutes will help. Something cold like cucumbers probably will help, or even ice wrapped in a washcloth, but that doesn’t work well for me. Resting with your eyes closed will also help you feel better.

  7. Do I have an eye infection? How do i get rid of it?
    I have some pinkness around my eyelid. It looks quite swollen. My left eye is really sore and the outer corner hurts heaps. I went swimming at an aquatic center yesterday afternoon and it started to feel sore in the late afternoon. Then i woke up this morning and it was really sore and swollen!
    Is it from that?? Have I caught it from the bacteria at the pool or something? Please help me! How can i fix it??? :) thanks

    • The swelling could be from pus which is a bacterial infection. This is most likely so go see an eye doctor.

      The worse case is cellulitis which would be extreme pain and is a medical emergency… it could be fatal!!!

      Either way go get an eye doctor to check it out! Don’t see a GP, they don’t know squat!

  8. how can you get rid of a sty in your eye?
    i have a painful spot on the outer corner of my lower eye lid. its not that swollen but its sore to the touch and when i blink. my eye stings a little from time to time. i think its a sty. please suggest treatments for this.

  9. The corner of my eye is slightly raw from nite time tearing and it has become sore on the outer edge. My eye?
    is not ichy or red but slightly swollen.My Doc said to go to an eye Doc, but I don’t have vision insurance. Any tips or suggestions? I’ve tried warm compresses.

    • You can try the warm compress then apply a little vasiline. It will keep it moisturized. Its probably just irritated. Before you go to bed at night put some more vasiline on it.

  10. What do you call that stuff in your eyes after you wake up in the morning?
    Now, growing up, my parents and I usually called them eye boogers, I know its funny ,but its just what we called it. But I also heard one of my friends calling it “sleep”, another thing we used to call it is “crusties”, anyone really know?

    • There are many different causes as to why your eye produces discharge. Most are harmless, but some causes can be the result of a more serious condition. The first and the most common reason is waking up with discharge in the corners of your eyes. This discharge is a sign that some form of bacteria, either from make-up or extra oily skin has tried to make its way into your eye while you were sleeping. A bacteria invasion can lead to a more serious condition like Blepharitis, which is an inflammation at the base of your eyelashes that produces the thick, yellowish pus filled with bacteria-fighting white blood cells. Many people who are sick with cold or flu tend to have more eye discharge as well. A sticky and yellowish discharge that seals your eyes shut is a natural defense to conditions such as pinkeye. Pinkeye is a virus infection that attacks the membrane that covers the eyeball. A thinner, clearer and less-crusty discharge could be the result of allergies or a cold/flu and usually goes away once the irritating factors are eliminated. Pollen, gusty winds, dry eyes or an eyelash can cause an irritation which will lead to the discharge.

      Other, more serious causes of eye discharge can be associated with medical conditions such as Conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers. A corneal ulcer is an open sore in the outer layer of the cornea and is associated with infections and bacteria. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation or infection of the membrane that lines the eyelids. Both of these conditions can lead to more serious eye problems, so if you’re experiencing pain, eye swelling or visual changes as well as eye discharge, you should go see your eye care professional immediately.

      Other names for discharge: Mucus, Pus.

  11. My right eye lid is swollen and it hurts. What does this mean?
    When I woke up yesterday my eyelid hurt, but not that bad. The pain was near the corner of my eye. 2 days later it hurts when I blink and now it’s swollen. I didn’t hit it on anything, at least not than I can remember. It miraculously happened. Does anybody know what this means?

    • It’s also possible that you have a stye, which is a pus-filled sore that usually appears on the upper or lower lid. If that’s what it is, it will take about a week to go away.

  12. I have a cold sore and i want to know how to get rid of it with at home remedies?
    It has gotten to its scab stage and it in the corner of my mouth so it is always cracking and it won’t dry, I need at home remedies to get rid of it please?

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