8 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar For Eye Puffiness

  1. how can i make myself look better?
    these past 2 months i have been looking and feeling like cr@p. here is my picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/39173151@N07/3842364594/ (go through them if you want). how can i take the circles from under my eyes away, make my hair more shiny and glossy and bring back my skin color (im naturally tanned)? it has to be a way which has nothing to do with food because im kind of battling with that. thanx:-)

  2. How do you get rid of a swollen eye?
    My eye was itching yesterday and now it is all swollen. I have an exam tomorrow.. is there anything i can do to drastically reduce the swelling??

  3. Home remedies for acne and or clearer skin?
    I have acne on my forehead, and I really want it to go away and have smooth skin.

    Plus, if you know any ways to clear your skin and get rid of dark circles under eyes and to get rid of tiny brown dots on the skin of my nose please help!

    Home remedies would be the best! Thanks!

    • Witch hazel. Use this as a toner which will bring pimples to a head. Dab it around your eyes to get rid of puffiness if you haven’t slept that night.

      Apple cider vinegar

      Don’t overwash, especially if you don’t moisturize. I use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (NOT the daily skin cleanser! ) and follow it with Neutrogena spf 15. I don’t have acne anymore…Before that I was using a really powerful cleanser and not moisturizing, and I had acne ALL the time.

      Use the oil cleansing method. Or, make your own cold cream with an oil that’s liquid at room temperature, melted beeswax and water, beat until it forms stiff peaks. Voila, you have makeup remover and anti-aging cream.

      Make a mask once a week. This can be made from non-clumping cat litter (actually, most spas use face masks made from the same stuff as cat litter), this can be made from yogurt, tomatos, oatmeal, avocado, anything that I’m sure you can find in the house already. No more than once a week, though.

      Nobody ever has to use expensive products. People who have good skin their whole lives do NOT use expensive products.

  4. Can anyone give some home made remedies?
    Can anyone give me the home made remedies for dark circles under eyes and uneven skin tone due to sun??

    • 1.Stay Hydrated. Water is an amazing beauty product, not to mention it’s free! 8 glasses a day will give your skin a noticeable glow, and you’ll feel much better in the process.

      2.Exfoliate. For a home remedy, mix sugar and olive/almond/coconut oil.(whichever is available) Rub in circular motions over the body. Rinse thoroughly. Do not apply this to the face, as the skin on our face is much more delicate.

      3.Bathe. For healthy, antioxidant-nourished skin, add at least 3 tea bags while the water is running for a bath. While you bask in this bath, take 2 of those tea bags and rest them on your eyes to avoid tiredness and puffiness.

      4.Begin a skin regime. Make sure it consists of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing the face. The extra money will go to good use.

      5.Shave the right way. Do it while in the shower, about 3 minutes after entering the shower. (this will soften hairs). Try shaving with water and foaming shaving gel instead of soap, since soap may dry the skin out when used for shaving.

      6.Don’t neglect the skin under your hair! To maintain a healthy scalp, apply vaseline to it every few days. For a dry, flaky scalp or dandruff, apply apple cider vinegar and rinse out. (no dandruff shampoo needed)

      7.Slather on a rich body lotion after every shower/bath. Lotion with shea butter is amazingly moisturizing, not to mention it smells great.

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