Lemon Juice On Eye Bags

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    How do I make my skin flawless?
    Okay, I know my skin will never be flawless, but how do I make it better? I use Proactive, so that basically takes care of zits, but I read somewhere about tea bags help with under eye bags, and lemon juice makes your skin look healthy? Do these work? What help? Thanks!(:

    • ANSWER:
      Wash ur face in citric acid and baking soda and water! Remember 2 add red food colouring!!

    How do you diminish dark under eye cirlces?
    I heard that a mixture of cucumber, tomato, potato, and lemon juice help rid dark under eye circles. Does anyone know if this is true?
    I know sleep is the best cure, but I like to party ;)

    • ANSWER:
      tea bags and cucumber reduces puffiness and redness...they don't remove dark circles....

      cucumber soothes the skin, lemon juice whitens, potato cleanses, and honey moisturizes so the citric effect of the lemon juice does not damage the sensitive skin around your eyes...
      this pack is sure to reduce dark under-eye circles...

      i don't know about the tomatoes....

    How do I get rid of the bags and puffiness under my eyes?
    I have allergies, so that might be why. I have tried, sleeping more, ice, cold water, cold rag, eye cream, make-up, and lemon juice. Nothing works. I cant cover it with make-up cuz the bags are to dark. I cant get rid of the puffiness when I smile either. I have these creases too. I'm 14 and I hate it, I need to fix it by monday.

    • ANSWER:
      Get lots of sleep! If that doesn't help..get a potato..clean the skin off and cut 1/4 of the potato and place it under your eyes...(the part with the puffyness)
      The potato will tighten up the skin...it's great for acne too..you can grate a potato and use it on your skin..it'll dry up your pimples..and lessen them.

    How to get rid of under eye bags and dark lips?
    I have big eye bags due to sleep apnea. And now I have tiny lil,,bumps on them. Also my lips are dark. Ppl ask me do I smoke but Ive never smoked in my life. They say my lips real,black. What can I do ?

    • ANSWER:
      Luckily there are many remedies out there.

      For under eye bags:

      *Each day, apply cool tea bags (the kind of tea doesn't matter) to your eyes, preferable in the morning, for 10-15 minutes

      *Liquidize one potato in your blender and apply this paste to your eyes for 30 minutes lying on your back

      *Avoid rubbing your eyes

      *Drink lots of water

      *Wear sunglasses when you go outdoors to protect your skin from melanin changes

      *Sleep with your head elevated to discourage fluid from pooling at your eyes

      For dark lips:

      *Quit using lipstick as it contributes to lip darkening

      *Always wear a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from harmful UV rays

      *Combine equal parts lime juice, honey, and glycerin, apply daily, results will start showing in 2 weeks

      *Rub almond milk or almond oil onto your lips and let sit for an hour, continue to do this every day for
      two weeks in order to see results

      *Apply honey to your lips before you go into the shower and wipe it off once you get out

      *Avoid drinking coffee

      *Apply chilled rosewater to lips

      *Exfoliate your lips every day with a combination of brown sugar, jojoba oil, and sea salt

      *Apply lemon juice to your lips before going out into the sun

    Like honey or lemon juice, what are some cheaper food items that can also double for beauty uses?
    I use honey and lemon juice for both food and beauty purposes.
    What are some other ideas along that line - foods (that you eat a good amount of, especially) that double as beauty items? Preferably nothing too expensive at all, please. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Baking soda - can use w/ hydrogen peroxide as a toothpaste to whiten teeth & to freshen breath.

      Crush raspberry & mix w/ a bit of honey. Use a lip scrub & rinse off. Raspberry will stain lips a bit.

      Ground oatmeal or use cornmeal as a face scrub. Can be mixed w/ water or yogurt.

      Yogurt has lactic acid which loosens dead skin cells.

      Olive oil - use a base w/ sugar, salt or coffee grounds for scrubs.

      Diluted vinegar as a clarifying hair rinse.

      Green tea as an ingredient for toner.

      Cold tea bags to depuff eyes.

      Black tea as a rinse to darken hair.

      Veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes & avocados for facials.

      Video presentation w/ more ideas: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-make-yourself-beautiful-with-food

      More links: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-make-yourself-beautiful-with-food

lemon juice on eye bags

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