10 thoughts on “Burning Eyes After Cataract Surgery

  1. can you use swedish bitters in your eyes?
    I recently read that swedish bitters can help cataracts. I put some in my eyes and it burned like hell. My mother used it too and she said that the burning subsided and she was able to see clearer (compared to cloudy) but she wouldn’t put it in again since it burns so much. she is getting ready for eye surgery, but I got it for her to use in the meantime.

    • Where ever you read that – dont use it as source of health information again.

      Swedish bitters are almost pure alcohol (and contain camphor) – both of which can damage the eye….and the rest of it is a laxative!

      So no – don’t put them in your eyes. Ever.

  2. I left my contacts in too long, and now my eye is burning/red/itchy and light sensitive? How do I fix this?
    I left in my contacts over night and when I woke up today one of my eyes was so bad I could hardly open it. Now I have them open, but my vision is blurred from the one that is red/itchy/watery.

    What are some remedies for this? Will a cold compress or a hot compress help?

    • First off, take your contacts out and wear your glasses for a day or two. If you continue to have a problem with red, itchy, watery eyes, make an appointment to see your normal eye doctor.

      You don’t HAVE to see an Ophthalmologist. You can see an Optometrist. They can do most of the same things. Ophthalmologists have more medical training and perform surgeries. If you are diagnosed as having cataracts, macular degeneration, etc you will be referred to an Ophthalmologist. For things like pink eye, you can see an optometrist.

  3. Can I be allergic to cataract lenses implants?
    I had cataract surgery on both eyes over a year ago, they did them 2 weeks apart. They both healed perfectly but my left eye has never stopped itching & burning & I have to put drops in it several times a day. The dr. thinks I’m nuts. My right eye is perfectly fine.
    Not one of you are even near close to what I am experiencing. You all think your experts & prove you are not by the answers given.

  4. Where is the best place in the world to have Laser Eye Surgery?
    I am interested in the safest and most consistent results.
    I am long-sighted, have been since childhood, so it’s not age-related.
    Any idea of costs?
    I live in Spain but am willing to travel.

  5. Is there any medical condition that can make a kid lose his eyesight AND have it recovered with surgery after?
    Im thinking in writing a book and this is a crucial part in the plot, so Im looking for diseases/things that could make a kid go blind and a surgery that can restore his eyesight after the disease/accident

    • Any sort of injury to the cornea (burns, scratches, infections, etc.) can cause it to become opaque, and cause someone to lose their vision. Corneas can be transplanted, which can then restore the vision. Cataracts (condition where the lens of the eye becomes opaque) also causes people to lose eyesight – removing the lens and replacing it with an artificial one can restore vision. However, depending on how old your character is, it might not be as reasonable – cataracts generally occur in the elderly, or in very young infants if it is associated with some sort of congenital problem; it would be rare to develop them suddenly in childhood.

  6. Why are some sunglasses bad for your eyes?
    I get that some aren’t UV protected so when your eye opens to let more light in (because even bad glasses are shaded) it takes in more UV rays then even without glasses at all, but what I don’t get is: You can’t get sun burnt through normal glass, so how come your eyes can be damaged through normal glass?

  7. What are the doifferent types of surgeons?
    I want to become a surgeon but im a long ways off still. Just wondering what are the different tyoes, i know neuro and cardiovascular what else?

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