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    • when I get allergies that cause sinus pressure I massage the pressure points in the face to help relieve the presure around the sinuses. the first 2 are right next to your nose and below the eyes on your cheek. the others and under your eyebrow , the upper ridge of your eye socket and on the bone where your eyebrow is. if you gently push on the spot and it’s really sore then you found the right spot. gently massage like any other sore muscle for a few minutes then release. repeat onthe other side of face.

  1. I have a question regarding the Depo shot…has anyone had these similiar side effects?
    I have been on the Depo shot since July 2005. I have no periods, everything seems fine. One thing I noticed about a week ago was that my nipples were sore. My chest is noticeabley bigger. This hasn’t happened with any of the other times. I took my last dosage recently, but this was happening before then. Do you think it’s just a hormonal inbalance for right now, and then they’ll return to normal (smaller). I believe so, just wondering if any other woman has experienced this symptom. Any other useful info on Depo would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Is there any remedies for a head congestion and sore throat?
    Since Sunday night, I’ve had a stuffy head and a bad congestion with a sore throat. I’ve been drinking plenty of liquids including water, blowing my note a lot, taking decongestant medicine and cough drops, and used Vicks Vapor Rub. I’ve been to the doctor too and was glad it’s not strep. Any tips?

    • take some vicks vapor rub and put it on your forehead 1/2 an inch above your eyebrows…..away from your eyes, on your cheek bone….right under your nose…and on your chest….right before you go to bed…..that will help with the congestion….and the cough drops are good….try to drink gatorade…..it helps build your ammune system back up……

  3. Does exercise help to relieve allergy sinuses? If not, what would help besides medicine?
    The pollen in the air gives me a sinus infection and I am sore above my eyebrows and around my cheek bones.


    • Irrigate with warm nasal saline, McNeil Sinus rinse from Walmart, gross at first, but have to get pollens/irritants out of nose, shower after exercise. might have bacterial infection, get behind the counter Sudafed,the real stuff, not the PE, Phenylephrine which is worthless. try mucinex, drink more water, most sinus infections are dx’d with CT scan or ENT doc, can be viral that progresses to bacterial infection and may just need simple course of antibiotics. If returns with 3-4 wks, need recheck and culture. Sinus sx untreated can be serious over the long course and in worse case, have seen brain abcesses, I worked in the county/city hosp with extreme cases, as with dental work undone/neglected also. If sinus sx persist, get immune globulins checked. Sinusitis chronic or pansinusitis is one sx of cystic fibrosis. which I have. Try heat pad on forehead also. Anti inflammatory, like Motrin 600mg orally every 6-8hrs for a few days. feel better, sinus/nasal congestion can occur monthly with menses/estrogen changes if you notice this occurence.

  4. I have an underactive thyroid gland what are some of the most common side effects?

    the doctor has put me on synthroid and i dont see a difference he has since increased my dosage .75mcg currently
    some times i feel very weird like light headed is the best way i can describe it i have had a lot of other medical tests and have all come back normal has anyone else experienced this

  5. Why is my face drooping?
    Hi I am a 28 year old woman and something frankly horrifying is happening with my face- all the areas that were previously firm with flesh, fat, whatever, have become just sort of mushy and squashy and basically my whole face is sagging. What on earth is going on? I am really distressed by this.

  6. Can i sinus infection or head cold cause pain in my upper nose where my eyebrows meet?
    i have the pain i know i the flu or cold hurts only on on side.

    • Yes it can, a sinus infection can cause pain in your upper cheek bone, between the eyes, headache, ear ache and even sore throat. You can get sinus medication over the counter that relieve all these symptoms, if not better in 3 days go see a doctor.

  7. sore eyes please help?
    Please help me im at the end of my tether,
    My names natasha i am22 years old..
    for the last 5 years i have been having really sore constant burning eyes every day and all the bones around my eyes ache especially the eyebrow bones and bridge of my nose also my eyes always feel reallyheavy i find it hard opening my eyes in morning and often fall back asleep till afternoon i dont want to live like this anymore.
    at the time this started happening i was in an abusive relationship and was suffering blows to the face it wasnt that bad back thenbut th pain has got worse over time, i have had a ct scan of my sinuses an that was all clear, please help me i feel like killing myself most days because of this just want 2 feel normal again.

  8. Why does my eyebrow bone hurt?
    When i put a little pressure on the bone on my eyebrow it feels sore. Is thos serious?

  9. Bump on eyebrow bone?
    I’m 12 years old. I have a bump on my eyebrow bone I’ve had it before but on my other one not the same one. It doesn’t hurt it’s only sore when I put pressure on it. It’s not red, swollen ect. It’s just a white bump.. Is this something to worry about? I don’t go to doctors, Can anyone please tell me if I’m alright and no needing to see a doctor cause I don’t see doctor. PLEASE HELP!!!
    Other one cleared up. I discovered it’s a zit that hasn’t came in yet.. I think.. or a pimple above my eyebrow bone.. My mom poped it for me.. painful.. hehehehe…..Other one was ON my eyebrow bone and I think it was bigger and more sore but it wore off.

    • Once in a while I’ll get a pimple there. It may just be what you have. Wouldn’t worry about it as long as you don’t notice any changes for the worse. (Like it if seems to get real swollen and infected, then do have a Dr. look at it.) The previous one cleared up didn’t it?

    • I have snake bites, medusa, septum, both sides of my nose, a dermal on my neck, my hips pierced, and a tattoo on my chest, the worst piercing I’ve ever had is my anti eyebrow (A surface piercing on my cheek bone) Nobody told me that they grow out, so mines got infected it was so sore getting it done too! But it was even worse when I had to take it out, I’m 24 and I was crying like a baby.

  10. Will I have a black eye?
    I hit myself in the eye today at work with a pant hanger, with FORCE. (lol, don’t ask!) My eye is really sore and swollen around the bottom and near my eyebrow bone. HELP!

    • Yeah sorta, but act fast and put on some ice! Good Luck! And sorry. I hate black eyes too. Look on the bright side you’ll have natural eye shadow!

  11. Bump on eyebrow bone?
    I’m 12 years old. I have a bump on my eyebrow bone I’ve had it before but on my other one not the same one. It doesn’t hurt it’s only sore when I put pressure on it. It’s not red, swollen ect. It’s just a white bump.. Is this something to worry about? I don’t go to doctors, Can anyone please tell me if I’m alright and no needing to see a doctor cause I don’t see doctor. PLEASE HELP!!!

  12. What kind of headache do I have?
    For the entire week I have had a horrible headache on the right side of my face. There is a constant pain where my nose meets the eyebrow bone and then all under my eyebrow and above my eye lid. In the morning, I don’t have it and then towards the middle of the day (around noon) it kicks in and progressively gets worse. When I am around loud noises, it stresses me out and makes the headache worse too. It’s really bugging me and I’ve been researching different types of headaches but none so far describe mine.

    Recently I suffered a family death, and I have lots of schoolwork so I think it might be partially due to stress. But I’m not sure, because I have never in my life had a headache for more than a day.
    also i dont really know how to describe the pain but i would guess that its kind of like a pressurized feeling but it’s not like throbbing or anything its a pretty regular pain
    also i have never had any allergy problems that i know of and i dont think its a sinus headache because i dont have any of the other sympthoms of that

  13. Would you recommend diluting lavender oil with grape-seed oil for acne?
    This is for my face, for acne.

    I don’t want to buy jojoba, witch hazel, or something like that; it is pretty expensive. 10 for just a little bit.

    Would diluting the lavender oil with pure grape-seed oil work?

    How would you recommend using the lavender/grape-seed oil mix?

    Also, I read somewhere that lavender can help with pain and sleep, how would I use it for pain and sleep?

    Thank you :D

    I asked this question earlier, but I didn’t get a response that answered my question.

    • Grape seed oil is a good carrier oil for skin that is oily, because it is one of the lightest base oils. Jojoba is too heavy for you, although it is relatively inexpensive in the Now Foods brand.

      The best way to use Lavender for acne is to put a bit on a cotton ball and dab it on, undiluted. If you want to use it as a moisturizer, go ahead and dilute it with grape seed oil, using about 15 drops in 2 tablespoons of carrier.

      You can also use it as a wash. Mix 20 to 30 drops of Lavender and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in about 2 cups of warm water. Put in a jar or bottle and shake well. Pour through a coffee filter and rebottle. This can also be used in a sprayer bottle throughout the day as a refresher and to kill bacteria.

      Several essential oils are helpful in acne treatment, but Lavender is #1.

      For pain I put lavender oil undiluted directly on the sore place. If it is a headache, I try to put it on the source of pain, like the base of the neck, temples, etc. For earache, put directly in front of the ear and on the bone behind the earlobe.

      Lavender won’t make you sleep, but it can help you relax. You can dab it just above your eyebrows, or put it on a hankie or tissue and put under your pillowcase, or use a simple diffuser that sits on top of the lightbulb in your bedroom lamp. Also can be used in a nighttime bath or footbath, for relaxation.

      See the link for one source of jojoba oil if you need/want it later. Most health food stores carry the Now brand too.

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