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  1. What do the flashes accompanied by floaters look like?
    I went to the eye doc and he said not to worry about floaters unless they are accompanied by flashes. What do these flashes look like and how big are they and how often do they happen?

    • They are usually white flashes of light that you see in your peripheral vision. They can occur very infrequently or more often.

      If you start to get flashes frequently, call you eye MD for a same day appt…it could mean your retina is detaching. I have floaters also & my regular eye MD sent me to a retinal specialist just to check out my retina…so far everything’s okay.

      I hope the same for you.

  2. What is causing the sparkly lights in my peripheral vision when I go into sunlight?
    When I walk outside on a sunny day, I get these sparkly flashing lights in my left eye. They are in the lower left side of my peripheral vision. When I go back inside, they go away. This has been occurring for about a week now, and I have no accompanying symptoms. Anyone have any ideas?

    • I get weird floaters too when i go out in the sun, I see black dots and little orbs. I assume it’s normal. But you might want to get your eyes check to make sure it’s not retinal detachment.

  3. What do flashes in the eye look like exactly?For how long does the flash last?
    I am referring to flashes accompanied by floaters and retinal tears, which I think is called photopsia.

    Does it llok like a camera flash, a tubelight, lightning bolt? Does it have a particular shape of is just a ‘flash’?
    For how long does the flash last- a few seconds or just a fraction of a second?

    How soon should it be treated? Please specify the maximum delay in treatment affordable.

    Please describe in detail.

    • Will be different for everyone. Mine look like lightening bolts, stobe lights, and ball lightening by turns. Sometimes it looks like the millenium falcon going into hyperdrive if you have seen the movie star wars. They almost always appear to come from the side.

      If it just happened you will have a lot of floaters and debris in your vision. If you suspect retinal detachment time is of the essence – dont mess around – go to the hospital emergency department. You dont know how bad it is….you might have no time, you could have hours.

      edit – Each flash lasts an instant. Like real lightening but you can have several right after one another. Boom boom boom like.

  4. How I can get rid of floaters in my eyes?
    These floaters are blood clots floating in the retina of the eye. It is like seeing clouds and spots as they move. It is very visible during day time when there is a lot of lights. Your visibility is affected because of these floaters floating around inside the retina.

    • Most spots and eye floaters are merely annoying but harmless when they temporarily enter the field of vision, and many fade over time. People sometimes are interested in surgery to remove floaters, but doctors are willing to perform such surgery only in rare instances.

      If you suddenly see new floaters, or eye floaters accompanied by flashes of light or peripheral vision loss, it could indicate serious conditions such as diabetic retinopathy; vascular abnormalities such as retinal hemorrhages or carotid artery disease, or the beginning of a retinal detachment. The retina can tear if the shrinking vitreous gel pulls away from the wall of the eye. This sometimes causes a small amount of bleeding in the eye that may appear as new floaters. You should see your eye doctor immediately

  5. Floaters. Anyone else have a problem with little black dots in front of their eyes?
    Lately I’ve started noticing some small fuzzy black dots in my field of vision, especially in front of the computer screen. An internet search told me it was ‘floaters’ and usually nothing to worry about. Does anyone else have this? Have you seen an eye doctor? Does it get worse or will this go away? I find it quite annoying.
    Thanks, it’s only been the last week that I’ve realised I had them, and it’s really worrying me (I would hate to lose my sight) – your comments are reassuring. So, this will never go away then? Has anyone had them, and lost them? If so, what did you do to lose them….

    • Hello there I see floaters as well… I notice them most often when I look at the sky or a plain background. I have noticed them for years now and in that time I have seen an eye doctor at least a few times and everything is fine :) It is possible to get worse… and they do not go away. As you have seen this is what they look like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Floaters.png
      I answered a question similar to this one the other day and here is some more info…

      “Floaters are actually tiny clumps of gel or cells inside the vitreous, the clear jelly-like fluid that fills the inside of your eye.

      Floaters may look like specks, strands, webs or other shapes. Actually, what you are seeing are the shadows of floaters cast on the retina, the light-sensitive part of the eye.”

      Floaters are USUALLY quite normal and can accompany a headache.
      If the following happens that is when they are a problem
      “If you suddenly see new floaters, or eye floaters accompanied by flashes of light or peripheral vision loss, it could indicate serious conditions such as diabetic retinopathy; vascular abnormalities such as retinal hemorrhages or carotid artery disease, or the beginning of a retinal detachment. The retina can tear if the shrinking vitreous gel pulls away from the wall of the eye. This sometimes causes a small amount of bleeding in the eye that may appear as new floaters. You should see your eye doctor immediately”

      Yes they can be annoying but best thing to do is ignore them and they go away :)

      Hope that helps a bit hun :)

  6. What’s the difference between visual snow and floaters?
    Is visual snow serious? I just noticed i have it when i was looking up at the sky.

    • Visual snow looks like the snow you see on a TV channel that is not working (thousands of tiny flashing lights on a black back ground). If you only saw it when you looked up at the sky and the spots then disappeared, you are not suffering from visual snow. Visual snow and floaters are two different problems and do not look alike.

      Floaters can look like dots, tiny flies, dust specks or tiny squiggly strings floating in your eye. Floaters are caused when the vitreous (a gel like substance that fills most of the eye) becomes stringy, pieces break away and we see floaters. Sometimes floaters can sink to the bottom of the eye and are no longer visible, but others often others replace them. They are not dangerous unless accompanied by other symptoms. Floaters are annoying but we all get them eventually.

  7. Is Masterbation the reason for my eye floaters?
    I want toknow the truth some say yes some say no. I’m 15 been masturbating for over a year now and a few months ago I noticed a block do in my right eye. Stays still but very irritating and recently I’ve noticed a bunch if floAters I went to the eye doctor who said it was the shadow of the liquid changing states in my eye sac. But I don’t know about that caue wouldn’t it Be done by now?

  8. If a 13 year old has Eye Floaters, is it bad and will it affect him in later life?
    I have had floaters since the beginning of march of 2009 and it is october 2009. should i go get this checked?
    O yea i have eye contacts so if that helps…idk if it will but whatever.

    • Eye floaters are pretty natural, everyone has them from time to time, however:

      When Are Eye Floaters and Flashes a Medical Emergency?

      If you see a shower of floaters and spots, sometimes accompanied by light flashes, you should seek medical attention immediately.

      The sudden appearance of these symptoms could mean that the vitreous is pulling away from your retina or that the retina itself is becoming dislodged from the inner back of the eye that contains blood, nutrients and oxygen vital to healthy function. When the retina is torn, vitreous can invade the opening and push out the retina — leading to a detachment.

      In cases of retinal tear or detachment, action must be taken as soon as possible so that an eye surgeon can reattach the retina and restore function before vision is lost permanently.

      Posterior vitreous detachments (PVDs) are far more common than retinal detachments and often are not an emergency even when floaters appear suddenly. But some vitreous detachments also can damage the retina by tugging on it, leading to a tear or detachment.

      Light flashes known as photopsia can occur when your retina receives non-visual (mechanical) stimulation, which can happen when it is being tugged, torn or detached.

  9. Is this normal or do I have something to be concerned about?
    Many times I have what I would consider a “floater” in my field of vision in my right eye. I think it’s always there but I’ve grown used to it. It looks like a small black thread. Should I be worried or is this normal?

    • If you have seen this floater for years and all you see is a small thread then you probably do NOT need to see an eye doctor ASAP. If it has ever been accompanied by your seeing flashing lights in your side vision (peripheral vision), or a dark curtain covering your side vision, or a “blizzard” of floating spots, then you should see somebody soon.

      The small thread that you see is a shadow cast by some fibers in the jelly-like substance we call the vitreous that have lost some of their water. The shadow is projected onto the retina, and under the correct circumstances you can see it. If it were a bigger shadow then a more significant event might have happened and I would have encouraged you to have it looked at.

      As long as your vision is good and you don’t see any of the things I described, then you should mention the floater at your next eye examination.

  10. Can one small eye floater affect my vision and sight?
    I developed so tiny grey eye floater in my left eye actually i am pregnant 15 weeks and scared to death that this would affect my vision and sight. I have a fantasy tht this tiny thing will become larger and larger and eventually close my whole vision. But in reality how you react this any experiences?

    • Hello !
      I am an expert on this. I will start studying Optometry, and i am studying eye health and diabetology to get in.
      Floaters are harmless, one. two or three,four or five floaters are completely normal(including in pregnant women). Everyone(including infants) have a few of them. The only time we are worried about floaters if they are accompanied by flashes of light(little sparks moving from left to right). This can be a sign of a RT(Retinal tear) that can cause a Retinal detachment(that causes blindness). I heard that flashes of lights can bee a sign of low blood preassure or migraines as well. So if you see flashes, go to an eye MD ASAP.
      Otherwise floaters are harmless(i have some as well)

  11. What could have caused me to get floaters in my eyes?
    I’m only 16. How do I get rid of them??? I’m grossed out to have them and they’re annoying.

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