8 thoughts on “Acv Honey Eye Drops

  1. how to cure from red puffy eyes and bloodshot?
    i had this kind of red puffy eyes (i think i got them after i was diagnosed allergic towards contact lens) years ago . there is bloodshot on my left eye which is size of a raisin (brownish) . i hate to see them everyday because they made me look older and unhealthy .
    i heard about ACV (apple cider vinegar) but i don’t know if this can cure but i may try and i just don’t know how to do if it has to apply topically or just make use by drinking with honey+water?
    and also how long would be it cure ?
    Help please , i need to know

    • So you had an allergic reaction? And your optometrist didn’t tell you what to do? Or prescribe you with medicated eye drops? If anything use allergy eye drops and put some ice packs on your eyes

  2. Mom has sinus infection? BAD PAIN?
    my mother is in severe pain. Her eyeballs are hurting her like a migrane only it’s in the back of her eyes. I don’t know what to do and she cant go to the doctor because she can’t afford it. Any advice would help a lot. She’s tried so many different medications (tylenol,imatrex,etc) nothing works!
    and im not sure if she does have a sinus infection. It’s a question.

  3. My pimples are red in the morning and when i use cover-up they dont coverup well in the morning BUT.well help!?
    BUT later on in the day they coverup perfectly and are better. help! what should i do.

    • First of all make sure your using a good face wash for your skin type.

      A great redness remover from zits is visine eye drops.

      Drink one cup of water with apple cider vinegar and honey every day. Hold your nose! It won’t smell pleasant.

      Apply ACV to your face everyday with a cotton ball. It will smell until it dries.

      You’ll notice immediate change.

      For coverup, most likely your zits are oily so the coverup isn’t staying.

      Buy a spot treatment and apply that before your coverup. Make sure your coverup is at least 2 shades lighter than you naturual skin tone.

  4. I’ve dyed my hair blonde but its now orange?
    So my hair was brown and I dyed it red, I used the B4 hair colour remover and it turned it copper. It’s been two months (I think) and I wanted to dye it blonde and red, except the blonde has gone slightly orange, I dyed it yesterday and I dyed it again today but it’s still orange… any ideas? I’m currently using the lemon and condition idea but I need help ASAP?
    To what Rocky said; the top half is blondey orange and the bottom is red. So I shouldn’t dye my hair unless it’s semi permanent? What if I go to a hairdressers? :o

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