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  1. Can sinus pressure cause pain in the back of your head?
    I think I may have a sinus infection but i’m not sure. I have pressure in my forehead and across my nose, in my cheeks. However, I also have a sharp pain above/behind my right ear and into the base of my head. Could this be caused by sinus problems too? What type of pain can sinus problems be responsible for? Maybe this pain is something else?

    • Am a bit disappointed in some of the answers appearing here. The sinuses are within the bone. Spaces. External manipulation does not go through bone.

      What you outline here is a fairly common distress and is too often misdiagnosed as a sinus problem.. Yet does not respond to sinus treatments.

      You have outlined the course of the facial nerve. You can verify this feature simply by finding the notch in the eyebrow and pressing on it. There is another notch on the inner aspect of the prominence of the cheek bone. If you check each area you will find it corresponds with the pain above the ear. Can next check at the base of the skull and will find the same degree of tenderness when applying pressure to that area.

      We have now outlined at least 2 of the cranial nerves being inflamed. There is little doubt that other of the cranial nerves are also being effected by this inflammatory process. The facial nerve exits through those notches, as outlined above. The nerve above the ear is the auricular nerve. It can create a very hot pain when you move a certain way and touch it with that motion.

      It appears you have the problem primarily of the right side. Which indicates you have a a pretty evident postural discrepancy. That soreness at the base of the skull indicates where the muscles attach to the skull and are under constant tension, just to keep your head pulled toward the center or, maintain the head above the feet. You will notice a balance problem just by putting your feet together and then closing your eyes. Presently you keep your balance by keeping the feet pretty well separated. You also may be aware of being more comfortable by standing on one leg rather than the other. All indicating a postural discrepancy.

      Would suggest a visit to see a doctor of Chiropractic and see if this can be easily corrected. It will continue to progress if not treated appropriately.

  2. How much does getting a tatto hurt?
    I’m not planning on getting one soon I’m only 16 but maybe when I’m older I’ll get one. Does it hurt more than getting your eyebrows waxed cause if it doesn’t I can handle it cause I wax my eyebrows. If it does hurt more then how many times more does it hurt?
    What does it feel like?
    If it’s like a needle going into your skin I can handle it too cause getting vaccines at the doctor doesn’t hurt me.

    • It depends on where you get it. I’ve heard that the flabbier the spot is, the more it hurts. But also the more bone, the more it hurts.
      I have mine on my shoulder blade which is one of the least painful places you can get it. Mine is just small but there were parts that burned a little. However, it wasn’t so unbearable that I wanted him to stop. In fact some places it actually felt nice….in a weird pain for pleasure sort of way.

      Be careful if you do get one though. Make sure it has meaning to you….cause the damn things sure can be addictive!

      Believe me, I’m a big wuss and if I can go through it, anyone can. My brother in law is also a big wuss (thinks Franks Redhot Sauce is hot!) and he got a tattoo on his elbow! That’s one of the worst spots to get it…right on the bone, not just around it.

  3. Can i sinus infection or head cold cause pain in my upper nose where my eyebrows meet?
    i have the pain i know i the flu or cold hurts only on on side.

    • Yes it can, a sinus infection can cause pain in your upper cheek bone, between the eyes, headache, ear ache and even sore throat. You can get sinus medication over the counter that relieve all these symptoms, if not better in 3 days go see a doctor.

  4. Why Do I Feel Bruised Around My Eyes?
    My eyebrow bone and underneath my eyes like on the very top of my cheekbones. Thanks.

    • You may have a sinus infection starting or a tear duct beginning to clog. Try treating it by doing a sinus rinse (you can buy a kit at the pharmacy) and resting with a warm damp cloth on your face. If the pain lasts more then a few days see your doctor. You may need antibiotics.

  5. How do I bring down the swelling and pain on/in my eye?
    I recently (a few days ago) got slammed in the eye with the end of a guitar (accedent). It didnt hit my eyeball but mostly the bone around my eye, near my eyebrow, and the cornor of my eye. I got an X-ray nothing is broken, but it is very very swollen, red, and puffy. I saw an eye specialist he said to just ice it, but its not working very well at all. Also it is very painful, Advil and Tylonol aren’t working at all. Thanks.

    • Ice is good for the first 24 hours (20 minute intervals), but after the first 24, you should stick to heat compresses around your eye to increase circulation to the area and help ease some of the pain. Tylenol would be the best for you to take without a doctor prescribing anything different.

  6. Any ideas on how to ease the pain with my sinusitis? I have really bad sinusitis and the pain is killing me.?
    Whenever I yawn my ears pop, my bottom teeth are killing me. I have a 24/7 headache, and my cheeks and my eyebrow bones hurt. And ideas on how to ease the pain? Home remedies? I dont want to go to the doctor.

    • Herbal Remedies

      Powerful natural antifungal and natural antibiotic properties can be found in the following herbs and plants. These can be especially effective remedies to open sinuses and kill infection when used as follows:

      Steam Formula:
      Garlic – 1/2 clove or 500 mg capsule
      tea tree oil – 2 drops
      eucalyptus (found in vapor rub products) – ¼ teaspoon
      the South American herb pau d’arco – 2 drops or half of one 500 mg capsule

      Dissolve ingredients into 2 cups of boiled steaming water. Inhale deeply for 2-3 minutes twice daily until mucus loosens and expels.

      Alternative or add to formula these essential oils: Combine 2-3 drops each: thyme, rosemary, and lavender.

      The pot of water should be changed once each day.


      Dip a hot cloth in the Steam Formula. Use it as alternating hot and cold compresses directly on sinus areas: 3-4 minutes hot, 30-60 seconds cold. Repeat several times/day. The vapors will penetrate

      also try this site

  7. What is this awful pain in my frontal sinus?
    The bone lying beneath my eyebrow is hurting me so badly right now. According to a sinus picture, this is called my frontal sinus…if that helps anyone.
    My eye hurts also, and when I blink it hurts more.
    It’s only on my left side.

    • I have to same problem, it’s probably congestion. Take a decongestant (Claratin-D, Sudafed-D, Zyrtec-D) and after a while it should “pop” and get better. Also, try to get some sleep, that might help. Go see your primary care physician if it doesn’t get better. Good luck, and I hope you get better.

  8. I always get bad headaches and it feels as if the pain is coming from the bone under my eyebrows?
    I have been getting headaches almost every day for a while. When I touch the spot where the pain is coming from it hurts real bad for a second but then the pain goes away but it comes back when I let go. What could be wrong with me?

    • migrane headaches-dont listen to some here who say”go this site get your answers” use tramadol” because you didnt state your age and tramadol is a high pain med that def should only be used with the consultation of your doctor
      take warm compresse to the head–or even have a cup of coffe,doctors say caffeine has way of helping,i do this when i have a headache and shortly after,it eases on out
      migranes could actually run in your family,a thought

  9. Where is the most and least painless places to get a tattoo?
    Okay, I am almost 15, and when I get about about 17 or 18 I wanna get a tattoo. I want to get either a deathbat or something like a heart and “foREVer” with “1981-2009″ in memory of Avenged Sevenfold’s drummer who pasted. I really don’t like much pain, but I really want a tattoo, so where is the most and least painless places to get a tattoo, or just places that won’t hurt as bad.

    • Most painful:

      1. Down Under – nuff said.
      2. Spine – Thin skin, close bones, and nerves!
      3. Lips
      4. Foot – Thin skin, close bones, and nerves!
      5. Chest/Ribcage
      6. Behind the ear – Thin skin and close bone!
      7. Eyelid
      8. Eyebrow
      9. Elbow
      10. Inside of Wrist


      1. Buttocks
      2. Thigh
      3. Shoulder
      4. Calf
      5. Thigh
      6. Upper Arm
      7. Lower Arm
      8. Upper Back
      9. Lower Back

      Hope this helped!

  10. Why are the bones in my face hurting?
    The bones on the right side of my face were hurting a few weeks ago. Mainly my eyebrow bone & cheek bone. i woke up this morning & they are hurting again. It is actually down to the top of my jaw. ANY idea what this could possible be?
    I did go to the dentist a little over a year ago & he really screwed up my bite but this pain just recently started. I have no idea whats going on!
    i do have allergies but i am done growing

    • Sinus pain…..do you have (hay fever type) allergies….all the sinus’ are in the areas you describe….and very common, try a decongestant to see if that gives you some relief.

  11. Having flashes of pain near my eye?
    So, for the past three weeks or so, whenever I poke next to my right eye (in the piece of bone connected to either my cheek or eyebrow bone, not sure which) it hurts and I get a white-hot flash of pain. I’m pretty sure it’s under my skin too. :s Does anyone know what it could be? I don’t think it’s related to my eye itself because it’s not terribly close. I’m planning to go to the doctor if it still hurts in a week, but if anyone maybe knows would it could be, it would be helpful.

  12. Why are the bones in my face hurting?
    The bones on the right side of my face were hurting a few weeks ago. Mainly my eyebrow bone & cheek bone. i woke up this morning & they are hurting again. It is actually down to the top of my jaw. ANY idea what this could possible be?
    I did go to the dentist a little over a year ago & he really screwed up my bite but this pain just recently started. I have no idea whats going on!
    its definately deep into my bones, going back into my head. i dont think its a tooth ache

    • ~ Hi ~ ! I’m so sorry you’re having so much pain. From what you describe it almost does sound like your pain could be related to TMJ:


      My son and I are both TMJ sufferers and both of us suffered from face pain and pain that went into the jaw and for both of us it was primarily affected one side of our faces. When our dentist found that both my son and I grind our teeth on one side of our mouths and we had to be fitted with special mouth pieces that stop us from grinding our teeth at night. I have noticed a big difference in the face pain and my dentist has noticed a difference in my teeth!

      This is just one possibility (especially when you mentioned the issue with your bit), it could have caused issues with grinding your teeth you hadn’t had before.

      I hope you get answers and relief soon. =)

  13. What happens when you take too much excedrin?
    I have a sinus pain headache that just won’t go away. I’ve had it for at least the last 5 days.

    Problem is, the only thing that makes it feel better is excedrin. I think I’ve taken at least 20 pills in the last 3 or 4 days. My question: what is too much? I know what the bottle says, but I’m curious if I’ve already taken too much and if I should stop?

    What might happen to me if I continue to take it?

    • I’m not a doctor so I won’t answer your question about the drug (you could call a pharmacist).

      But I get nasty headaches, too. Try this:

      Drink two full glasses of room temperature water. Go into a completely quiet, dark room. Lie on back. Cold damp wash clothe over eyes, bridge of nose, and forehead. Hot damp towel across back of neck and shoulders. Massage your temples. Next, place each of your middle fingers just under the underside of midline eyebrows. Quickly flick the fingers upward, slightly stretching the skin. (10 times) Next, place each middle finger on each inner cheek bone near the nose, quickly slide the fingers slightly down and to the sides.(15 times) Relax. Imagine the pain, stress, anxiety dripping off your body, onto the mattress. Sleep, if you can. Oftentimes, this will rid you of your headache.

      Note: you may have a sinus infection. Do you have a fever (even low grade?) Bloody snot? Sore throat? If so, call your doctor.

      Good luck. I feel for you. Five day headaches suck.

  14. How to get rid of headache?
    I have had the same type of headache for a week now. It comes on rapidly at around 1 PM everyday and hurts A LOT. The pain is only behind and on my eyebrow bone (only on one side). It feels like sharp pain. It usually lasts for three hours and medicine does not help! If anyone has experienced this before please let me know what worked to ease the pain!
    Thank you

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