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  1. How can i have a beautiful face?
    So i have freckles,my eyelashes are SO short and i put tonnes of masacra on,and i have spots.
    any tips?

    • Use castor or olive oil. Their natural properties can actually encourage the growth of your eyelashes. A lot of women are currently using this method, simply because they have been truly effective and easy to use. The problem with them is that they can be very messy. Anyway, all you need to do is to coat your eyelids with their oil at nighttime and remove it in the morning.
      Trim your eyelashes. You may be wondering, “Isn’t that against the main purpose of growing the eyelashes?” The action itself is weird, but in case you do not know, hair happens to grow faster if you do not remove it from the tip. It is also the reason why you tend to grow hair almost immediately when you do not shave your legs properly. If you do not know how to trim your eyelashes or you are scared to do so, go to a salon or hire a makeup artist.
      Create an eye lotion. If you are willing to experiment, you can actually come up with a decoction that you can use to compress the eye and usher the growth of your eyelashes. You can make use of calendula and cornflowers.
      Improve the Growth with Eyelash Lengthener
      Lastly—but certainly not the least—if you want to discover how to make eyelashes longer, make sure that you can have Lilash for yourself. This highly innovative and sophisticated cosmetic product has been the result of years of experiments and breakthroughs. It is actually a lash conditioner that contains specially formulated proteins that encourage the growth of your eyelashes at half the expected time. What’s more, Lilash serves as an eyelash thickener. With their essential nutrients, the hair are healthier, stronger, curlier, and, of course, thicker. They are also handy, so you can use them anywhere and anytime you want to.

  2. What will tea tree oil do for your eyelashes?
    I have been brushing tea tree oil into my eyelashes every night before I go to bed. What will this do for my eyelashes?

    • I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to put tea tree oil on your lashes> I think it can only irritate your eyes which can be dangerous. What I’m sure of is the benefits of castor and olive oil on your lashes. These oils have natural properties that encourage the growth of you eyelashes. Apart from the tendency to be messy they are effective in making eyelashes grow and have been used effectively by many women in the past. You simply coat your eyelids with the oil at bedtime and remove it in the morning.

  3. how do you make your eyes whiter?
    the white part of my eye is like.. a tinted yellow? where i open my eyes and look out.
    and when i look at the other parts of my eyes by lifting up my eyelid and such, i can see the whiter part of my eye. how do i get rid of it ? i kind of think it runs in my family because everyone has it in my family.

    do i need to wash my eyes? sleep earlier?
    any tips would be appreciated.

    • I got the same problem. My eyes were white when I was a kid, but now they have a tinge of brown/yellow. I have eye allergies, but it still doesn’t explain the discoloration of my sclera. After I exercise the color is more pronounced. I had blood work done and liver is fine. People will say jaundice, but if you had jaundice it would be a bright yellow (look at pictures online). So far, the only thing I have found that may temporarily help is lemon water or bentonite clay, which is a detox. Other than that I have tried everything from putting castor oil in my eyes to taking milk thistle. The only thing that seems promising and maybe permanent is the I Brite treatment from Dr. Wachler in LA. If you find something let me know.

  4. Will extra olive oil help eyelashes grow back?
    I pick my eyes and I am just wondering if putting on extra olive oil will help my eyelashes grow back faster

    • Pulling out eyelashes or plucking them means that the eyelashes that were in the active growth or transitional phases will not be equipped to start new growth as quickly as one that was lost naturally at the end of its resting stage. But, no matter what phase the eyelash is lost in, it will eventually grow back. It can take weeks or months before you have a new eyelash, depending on when it was lost. Some people use/ wear fake eyelashes until their eyelashes
      grow back. Some people also use olive oil or castor oil. Dab a small amount of olive or castor oil on your eyelids at the base of your eyelashes every night to encourage longer, thicker lashes. You should start to see signs of new hair growth after a month or two. The new hair growth will be healthier and stronger than previous hair growth. If nothing else, olive oil acts as a conditioner to improve the health of your eyelashes.

  5. Is it possible to get cysts on your eyelid rim?
    I get this bump in the same spot on my eyelid rim every now and then. It doesn’t hurt as bad as cysts I get elsewhere, but it irritates my eye fairly well.

    I looked up the stye and it is not that. It isn’t clear, but it does get a yellowish tone to it. Very tiny probably about the size of “.” but it comes up a decent bit. I really don’t want to make any appointments if it isn’t something to worry about, especially when it comes and goes as it pleases.

  6. How long does it take for eye lashes to grow back?
    My eye lash curler cut off like ten eye lashes. How long will it take for them to grow back? They’re really short! I’m freaking out.

    • Usually, eyelashes will come back in a span of two to eight weeks, especially if you just pulled them off accidentally.

      Try natural methods. There are women who can vouch for the effectiveness of castor and olive oil on the lashes. Moreover, besides being affordable and available, they are quite easy to apply. You just need to dab some oil into the eyelids, where you want the eyelashes to grow. You can also try out Vaseline.

      Wear fake eyelashes. Most of the fake eyelashes today looked so real that no one can really tell the difference. You can wear them when you’re going to go out, but make sure that they are removed once you’re already on your home. They can also be irritating.

      Most of all, you can get those longest eyelashes back with the help of a special product called Lilash. This revolutionary lash conditioner is very safe to use, even for those with very sensitive eyes. It has been tested to ensure that it’s user-friendly. Lilash helps to stimulate the growth of your eyelashes, reducing the time frame to half. Furthermore, the lashes that grow are healthy—long, curvaceous, and gorgeous to look at.

  7. I have a cyst on the inner of my eyelid that is getting bigger. how do i get rid of it at home?
    I have seen a doctor who referred me to a specialist but i got rejected from a waiting list as i did not meet the criteria (because it is cosmetic and not a huge health issue). Just need it gone

  8. Is there anything most effective and best way to have long and thick eyelashes naturally?
    If so please tell me;) I’d like to ask about the VASELINE thingy,does it really work or just a myth? Please explain it to me on how it helps the eyelash growth and on the eyelids.Thank you ver much.

    • Natural lash growth home secrets…

      Improve Your Diet:

      If you want to grow eyelashes longer, naturally, then you definitely need to improve your diet. Without proper nutrition, your body will cease to grow hair, fingernails and even eyelashes. Likewise, anything that makes your hair grow will also help your lashes grow. That’s why you should adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat better and supplement with a good multivitamin.

      Apply Moisturizing Oils:

      You can really go a long way to improving the strength and length of your eyelashes, as well as the shimmering beauty of them, by using good moisturizers. This not only protects your eyelashes from the elements, but the coating makes them look longer. Olive oil, grape seed oil, castor oil are among the best moisturizers I’ve used and most people recommend.

      Put a little of the oil your eyelashes at night and wipe away some of the excess. You should only apply enough for the moisturizer to soak into your eyelid skin and eyelashes.

      Try Vitamin E Oil:

      You may be able to grow eyelashes longer by applying vitamin E oil. This vitamin is known to cause hair growth and sooth scalp irritations, so if you have eyelash loss due to irritation, this may reverse it. Apply the oil to your eyelashes with a clean eyelash brush. I recommend consuming a good vitamin E capsule to get the best results.

      Trimming Your Eyelashes:

      Some people recommend trimming your lashes for growth but I advice against this practice. Trimming the ends of your lashes won’t necessarily stimulate the growth or lengthening of the trimmed lashes.

      These are just a few of the common ways that people attempt to grow eyelashes long from home. These ideas are cheap and free so give them a try.


  9. How can I remove my eye makeup?
    I’m having a huge New Years party and my friend gave me a “makeover”
    I have black eyeshadow and eyeliner stretching 3 inches away from my eye and all over my eyelid ^_^

    I don’t have any eye makeup remover
    Any special tricks to get it of?

    • yeah! You can use olive oil! Just use extra virgin if you have it, otherwise any kind of vegetable or castor works. Put a tiny bit onto some toilet paper and rub over you eyelids and it will come right off.

  10. Other home remedies to making eyelashes grow?
    I already use Vaseline and it does work, but I want to try something else. Know of any other good ways?

  11. Is this a good routine for my face?
    I’m 16 years old and unlike most girls my age (and younger) I don’t wear foundation, concealer, blush, powder or any of that stuff! The only things I use are mascara and liner on my tight line and this occasionally as well. I use a eyelash curler whenever I do use mascara though.
    At night, before bed I wash my face with Luke warm to cold water, depending on if I feel warm or cold and then pat dry with a towel. I then apply coconut oil to my eyelid and under eye and brush it onto my lashes. I then coat my lashes with castor oil. I am very careful for the oil not to touch my cheeks so they don’t promote hair growth there. Also, whenever I get my eyebrows threaded I always breakout so I applied a little coconut oil over and around them tonight, would that help or make it worse? I also apply petroleum jelly to my lips :) I’m so inexperienced with this stuff but yeah :$ thank you :-D I don’t want to be eww and wrinkly when I grow up O_o

  12. Does castor oil and/or olive oil help with hair growth?
    I have very thin eyebrows and eyelashes. I heard that massaging castor oil and olive oil on the eyebrows and eyelids really help aid in growth. I’m def gonna try this if this is true. Anyone heard about or experienced this???

  13. What are home remedies for a chalazion?
    Hi.so i have had a lump under my eyelid for about a little over a year and it dosn’t hurt at all. I wear makeup so that may be the reason why. I have done research for like a month and found that i have a chalazion. Now, as old as i am i hate going to the doctor and i dont want to go under the knife for it. so please tell me any home remedies to make it go away. i heard castor oil is good but how do i use it?

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