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  1. OMNILUX! Is it good? does it work?
    Has anyone tried Omnilux?

    Does it dramatically improve your skin. I have dry damaged skin and want to know if it will work for me.

    • Omnilux treatment is LED (light emitting diode) light therapy. It is an FDA-approved light healing procedure to treat sun damage, skin aging and wrinkles, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, seborrhea, non-melanoma skin cancers, sagging skin, scars, skin regeneration, and other age-related skin disorders. A series of cool, relaxing 20-minute treatments, usually 8 treatments is recommended, is administered by a doctor. Unlike lasers or other aggressive forms of treatment, light therapy is both non-invasive and non-damaging to the skin. Since stretch marks are scars and need skin regeneration, this method can also help. There are three types of Omnilux devices – Omnilux Revive (red), Omnilux Blue, and Omnilux Plus (white), which only differ in the types of LEDs used. Omnilux Revive is the Omnilux treatment for stretch marks. Omnilux Blue is for acne, and Omnilux Plus is best for treatment of injuries or post-operative conditions. Cost can reach $800 to a few thousand dollars depending on treatment. This is an effective skin treatment. For those who can afford, its painless expeirence is all worth it.

  2. Dry skin on face causing acne?
    Hi, im a 16 year old guy with brown skin and about 6 months ago i started to develop acne, before this i had perfectly clear skin and i dont think it has to do with peuberty just because im sure i went through those stages between 12-13 years of age. Acne is also not in my family as my mum, dad and siblings never had problems with it. I’m generally fit and healthy yet i dont really mind what i eat. I used to use products on my face at first only moisturizer my mum gave me and this was when i had good skin and didnt know that body moisurizer wasnt meant to be used on the face also i started to use body soap on my face which i think started the acne also. Now for a month and 2 weeks i’ve stopped using any products on my face and only water, before the month i was using mild cleansers, exfoliating stuff like that for the acne but it didnt work and only led to my skin developing dryness. At that point where ever my acne was there were dry white spots around and was only visible after wetting my face then slowly would blend into my skin. Now im on holiday in a humid climate and have stopped the products as said before since i’ve been here (a month and 2 weeks). Im still getting the dry skin after showers however its not at all dry, it more so as if its a cream on my skin and is everywhere my acne is, keep in mind my acne is only mild on my cheeks and forehead where my forehead has like small bumps all around it except around the side of my hairline, the creams also on my nose especially around my nostrels where there are only small blackheads which i dont care about. I’ve rubbed the stuff off my face with my fingers maybe three times since i’ve been overseas and each time it comes back slowly, but its never scaly feeling and justs blends on my skin. I wash my face only once a day gently and pat dry then my face gets wet in the shower, only water touches my face now. I’m not sure if this dryness is a healing process and i should leave it or what, i dont want to use products because that would defeat the purpose of what im trying to do. My skin feels alot smoother now without products and the acne has lessened then it was before when i was using products, it used to itch and such and my face used to feel tight. just so you know also i’ve had a history of exzema when i was young but thought i was passed that now.
    thanks for any help you have, and just ask if you need any ellaboration about my acne.

  3. what is the next 5 years projected market growth for light therapy devices used at home for wrinkle reduction?

    • I found the response below from a board certified dermatologist to a question asked on RealSelf.com about the effectiveness of IPL and LED treatments for wrinkle reduction.
      This was one of several responses from dermatologists and plastic surgeons that were critical of the claims being made for the treatment. In a survey by RealSelf.com 50% of those who had undergone the treatment carried out by dermatologists for wrinkle reduction said they were unhappy with the result. So devices used at home are going to fare less well.

      Answer by Bryan K. Chen, MD
      Board Certified Dermatologist
      “Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a broadband light device that delivers a spectrum of wavelengths that treat red spots (blood vessels), brown spots (sun spots) and sun-damaged skin. Results/effects are usually very obvious.

      Gentlewaves is an example of an LED photomodulating device that emits a 590 nm wavelength yellow light at a low level. Some studies suggest that exposure to the LED light can hasten the reduction of redness for example, after treatment with the IPL. Some claim that the LED can treat sun-damaged skin and fine wrinkles. Unless someone can convince me otherwise, I tend to believe that the LED does little, if anything for sun-damaged skin and fine wrinkles, based on a recent study that concluded there was no objective improvement in photoaging with use of the device. LED light may be beneficial for individuals with rosacea/sensitive skin, but I don’t believe there is enough supporting data to make any recommendations in this regard.”

      Mukunda M.

  4. What color LED light therapy may cause hyperpigmentation?
    Green, Blue, or Red. I have noticed that my hyperpigmentation may be getting slightly darker…

  5. Acne treatments? My acne makes me look so ugly and disgusting.?
    My acne is getting worse,& I don’t know what to do. It makes me feel terrible and I hate how I look. If you could suggest some great acne products that you have gotten positive results from that’d be awesome. I’ve tried so many products that don’t help, so don’t list the following please: clearisil, proactiv, x-out, netrogeuna, clean & clear, Clinique; if you you could suggest some natural effective remedies that would also be appreciated. Thanks.(:

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