Does Led Light Damage Eyes

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    Can blue light damage your eyes?
    I've been reading up on some stuff and saw something that blue light could damage your eyes. My dad has a computer with a button that shines a blue light out of it. Is it the color blue that's bad, or those UV sun tanning rooms and not just an blue LED light?

    • ANSWER:
      "Is it the color blue that's bad"


      "or those UV sun tanning rooms and not just an blue LED light?


      "blue" light is not bad for you. UV is

    Can a Class 1 LED product cause cataracts or damage your eyes?
    Can a Class 1 LED product cause cataracts or permanently damage your eyes if you stare like indirectly in it for like two minutes. Its not staring directly at it like staring indirectly in your peripheral vision or something. I'm talking about the LED red light under your computer mouse not a laser pointer.

    • ANSWER:
      Don't worry about it it just common red light and some infrared ray.but it's very weak.if you don't looking on it directly all day long.It's very safe.

    Can blue led christmas lights cause eye damage?
    I have blue led christmas lights going around my room and I have them on just for light and they look cool. Can these cause eye damage because i,ve heard stuff about blacklights causing damage.

    • ANSWER:
      Too much exposure to blue light can damage retinal cells, but I don't think there are any studies that have actually tested the exact kinds of lights you're talking about with actual people's eyes (for obvious reasons).

      Just to be safe, you might want to switch to some other color, or mixed colors, or not have them on all the time.

    What happens if you stare at a UV LED light to long?
    I have heard rumors it can damage your eyes but I can still see perfectly after many times looking at it. If it's true, how does it damage your eyes?

    • ANSWER:
      It is slightly harmful to your eyes, (excessive exposure can lead to cataract later in life. But we're talking YEARS of this stuff) and if you stare for a while the image will get burned into your retinas for a few minuets, but will eventually dissipate. All in all, there is no serious damage if you're just staring for a few minuets.

    Does the lambertian radiation pattern of LEDs make them more dangerous to look at?
    Besides the potential blue light hazard of blue, white or green LEDs, does the lambertian radiation pattern of LED light make it more dangerous to look at? Unlike incandescent bulbs and fluorescents, LEDs emit light in the lambertian pattern. While looking at any strong light for long enough can be dangerous, can the lambertian pattern make LED light more dangerous, if you look directly at the source?

    • ANSWER:
      I have always advocated a shade or indirect lighting (no naked bulb/source) - particularly in the workplace - but LEDs are now a highly popular choice for torches, keyring lights, as well as downlighters under kitchen cupboards, bicycle lights and so on - mostly not looked at directly, & in any event the sun is likely the most dangerous light source to look directly at, followed by things as bright as a welding torch/oxyacetylene lamp [and megaton nuclear weapon explosions], followed by floodlights, then headlights and tweaked LEDs somewhere around this level - There's a channel mixer for microphones and the like with a very bright blue LED, painful to look at directly, so I know what you mean - but if you can look directly at something bright without an involuntary squint and a real sense of pain in the eyes and surrounding area, then it's probably not doing any harm or any damage is not lasting - used to be most things bright enough to cause ocular damage cannot be sustained without consuming a lot of power..., so at least there's a silver lining :)

    Can Lucid Dream Induction Devices Damage your Eyes?
    I heard they flash a light into your eyes. Can that create any kind of damage to ones eyes?

    • ANSWER:
      No, they just have small LED lights that flash. Your eyes are closed when it happens, but even if they weren't, they aren't powerful enough to hurt you.

    Is a UV flashlight safe for my eyes?
    I just got a 'made in china 9 led UV flashlight' for hunting scorpions off eBay. I didn't shine it anywhere except the ground and walls but can the reflected visible wavelength hurt my eyes? Will reflected UV light also be coming back at me, potentially damaging my eyes? I got a headache in just a few minutes scouring my backyard but it could be psychological.

    • ANSWER:
      It's imagined, you get much worse UV while outside on a sunny day.

does led light damage eyes

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