2 thoughts on “Glassy Eyes After Cataract Surgery

  1. Why do people say I am high if my pupils are big when I never did drugs?
    Whenever I am in class I will glance at them and they are like “why are your pupils so big? Are you high?”. I never did a drug in my entire life nor ever smoked, or drank alcohol. I always thought you could get big pupils by the lighting in that room or your pupils will be big if you are tired. I have always been bullied in school and they just keep on making fun of everything about me no matter what I do and I didn’t do anything mean to them nor said anything mean. I have light blue eyes and they just say it I wanna get my eyes a different color so no one thinks I am high if I have big pupils. Are your pupils big even though you don’t do drugs? Why do they cut me down so much?

    • I have had big pupils my entire life. When I was a kid, eye doctor would comment on it to my mother. At 10 years old, no I am not high. My Mother would be irritated but I think it is funny. I imagine the kids in your class are high as kites and you are not, so they are giving themselves away. I recently got eye surgery for cataracts and they put a glass lens inside your eye that actually shows through the pupil as ‘glassy looking’…I joked with my daughter that now I REALLY will look high with glassy eyes and big pupils! LOL Yeah, I am high on life, I’ve always been a happy person, maybe that’s why your pupils are big too.

      Big old blue eyes are pretty, when you are an adult you’ll be glad you have them.

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