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  1. Is there any possible way to make plucking eyebrows less painful?
    Every single morning I go through the same pain! If there is a technique or some way to making it a little more pleasant PLZ let me know! Thx

    • There is an LMX 4% topical anesthetic cream available OTC but is usually kept behind the counter, so you’ll have to ask the pharmacist to get it. It contains 4% lidocaine. I normally have to wait 20-30 mins, but it gets the entire area numb.

  2. do i need to see a doctor if a blood vessel behind my eyebrow popped?
    i was sleep deprived and on a plane. as we began to land, a blood vessel behind my eyebrow popped. its about 6 hours later now, and all around my eye is red and it hurts. alot. is this serious, or will it heal itself?

    • it’ll probably heal itself, but even so your doctor may give you something to put on it to ease the pain or help it heal faster. It is blood to your head after all :)

  3. How to get rid of headache?
    I have had the same type of headache for a week now. It comes on rapidly at around 1 PM everyday and hurts A LOT. The pain is only behind and on my eyebrow bone (only on one side). It feels like sharp pain. It usually lasts for three hours and medicine does not help! If anyone has experienced this before please let me know what worked to ease the pain!
    Thank you

  4. I’m experiencing what feels like pain in the right hemisphere of my brain, should I be concerned?
    I feel it especially strong behind my eyebrow and behind my ear.

  5. What kind of headache only lasts about 5 seconds and occurs mostly behind the eyebrows or sides of head?
    I’ve suddenly been getting really short-lived bursts of headache a few times a day that only last a few seconds. What could this be? It doesn’t feel like pressure…and not excruciating pain, but it’s still enough to bother me.

    • Wish I knew – I get something similar to this sometimes too. For me, it may be a combination of warmer weather, not drinking enough water, and hitting myself on the side of the head a little too much. I had it this time last year, then it basically disappeared until a few days ago.

  6. Can sinus pressure cause pain in the back of your head?
    I think I may have a sinus infection but i’m not sure. I have pressure in my forehead and across my nose, in my cheeks. However, I also have a sharp pain above/behind my right ear and into the base of my head. Could this be caused by sinus problems too? What type of pain can sinus problems be responsible for? Maybe this pain is something else?

    • Am a bit disappointed in some of the answers appearing here. The sinuses are within the bone. Spaces. External manipulation does not go through bone.

      What you outline here is a fairly common distress and is too often misdiagnosed as a sinus problem.. Yet does not respond to sinus treatments.

      You have outlined the course of the facial nerve. You can verify this feature simply by finding the notch in the eyebrow and pressing on it. There is another notch on the inner aspect of the prominence of the cheek bone. If you check each area you will find it corresponds with the pain above the ear. Can next check at the base of the skull and will find the same degree of tenderness when applying pressure to that area.

      We have now outlined at least 2 of the cranial nerves being inflamed. There is little doubt that other of the cranial nerves are also being effected by this inflammatory process. The facial nerve exits through those notches, as outlined above. The nerve above the ear is the auricular nerve. It can create a very hot pain when you move a certain way and touch it with that motion.

      It appears you have the problem primarily of the right side. Which indicates you have a a pretty evident postural discrepancy. That soreness at the base of the skull indicates where the muscles attach to the skull and are under constant tension, just to keep your head pulled toward the center or, maintain the head above the feet. You will notice a balance problem just by putting your feet together and then closing your eyes. Presently you keep your balance by keeping the feet pretty well separated. You also may be aware of being more comfortable by standing on one leg rather than the other. All indicating a postural discrepancy.

      Would suggest a visit to see a doctor of Chiropractic and see if this can be easily corrected. It will continue to progress if not treated appropriately.

  7. Is pink eye supposed to cause head pains?
    I recently got pink eye in both of my eyes. (about 2 days ago). I noticed that i have pain in my head behind my right eyelid and eyebrow. Is that normal? The left eye and left side of my head feels fine. I’m not sure if this is worth seeing a doctor for?
    I’m taking drops for pink eye as well.
    Any ideas if this is normal?

    • Yes this is normal, I had numerous Pink Eye infections and my last time I had it turned to staph.
      You have headaches because you are still trying to USE your eyes.

      what kind is it? viral, bacterial, allergic conjunctivitis

      You may need a different drop and if you didnt have that pain before- You may be reacting to the drops.

      Here is some extra information to back up what I said

      Get well and PLEASE these are YOUR eyes and Vision that is being effected–TAKE CARE.

  8. Pain behind eyebrow after sneezing?
    I have been up all night with really bad pain behind my left eyebrow, feels like a really severe ice cream headache, it hurt after I sneezed earlier that evening and hasn’t gone away, what could it be? I have had stuff going on with sinuses and have some allergies could it be that?

  9. I have had a stabbing pain directly below my right eybrow for a week straight. What could it be?
    I have tried Tylenol and acetaminophen but they have no affect on the pain. It is very frustrating and causes me to lose focus at school and on my work.

    • Your neck muscles go to the top of your head. You have one of them tight for when they are tight at the top they pull on other muscles that go around your head and when they get tight they give you a pain where they are attached to the head, and for you that would be by your eyebrow area. That would make it hard to concentrate because, even though you don’t feel it under that pain you have other muscles in your neck that are also tight. To get rid of the pains and tight muscles you have to free up your neck muscles by doing this:
      Put your hands alongside your head so your thumbs are on the front of the muscle under your ear and your fingers are on the back of the muscle behind your neck. Squeeze your thumb and fingers together and hold. Relax your body. When your fingers and thumb touch, about two minutes, slowly lower your head as far as you can, release the pressure but hold your neck lowered for another 30 seconds.
      For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.

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