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  1. Am I having a serious case of pink eye?
    My sclera is red and pufffy, as if it has a layer of liquid over my sclera. My eyes itch a little and has watery discharge. The discharge is slightly yellow not a bacteria form of pink eye I’m guessing. My eyes are really puffy and I can barely open it. Can someone plz help me!

    PS. My lymph node is also swolle
    I haven’t been in a pool lately.

    • Hi

      It sounds more like conjunctivitis then pick eye to me. You will need to make an appointment with your GP as both conditions need treatment.

      Then best thing you do will waiting to see your doctor is to is to rinse it about 2 times a day with Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo (use this one as it does not sting your eyes).

      Hope this helps


  2. What to clean with after pink eye?
    im just now getting over pink eye.i want to clean all of my controllers and phones ect. and i was wondering what is the best thing to use.ive heard bleach,but that seems like it could be a little harsh on expensive equipment.would alcohol be enough?

    • Clean your phone, remotes, keyboards, and controllers with an alcohol wipe and allow to dry. Really clean anything you have touched. Wash your wash cloths that you’ve used to wash your face with, by hand washing in Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and hot water (this is gentle enough to use on your sensitive eye area, so as not to aggravate your infection, and will get rid of any bacteria left over). If you wear eye glasses take an alcohol wipe to the ear pieces and the bridge piece.

      Hope this helped.

  3. What should I do about my pink eye?
    About 15 days ago, i woke up with my eye being red and swollen. I usually wear contacts and wore them for about a week and since then i am wearing glasses. i went to a doctor 6 days ago and got a prescription which hasnt seemed to help. Yesterday i noticed that i now have decreased vision in that eye and it is still red and swollen. What should i do? Help!

    • this seriously works. you have bacteria in your eye. so you’re supposed to remove it. do this a few times throughout the day. grab some baby johnsons tearless shampoo. a couple of cotton balls. dip the cotton balls in some warm water and but some shampoo.a little dab so it makes suds. then close your eye until its almost shut and you can see blurry. gently wash your eye. it wont burn your eye. then rinse it with warm water. you want to clean your eye. do it a few times throughout the day. or whenever your eye seems to have high symptoms of it. and remove your contacts before you sleep. its bad for you as you can see.

  4. i think my baby has pink eye what can i do?
    i think my 2 month old has pink eye what can i do to releive a few of his symptoms till tomorrow when i can get him to a doctor?

    • This is what my son’s dr. told me…

      Take Johnson’s baby shampoo (has to be!), lather it on a washcloth and rub over closed eye. I am telling you it cleared my son’s up the next morning! I couldn’t belive it!!

      (FYI, I have also heard people squirt breastmilk in the eye! I have never tried that one though!)

  5. What is the best way to clean a Maltese puppies hair under eyes?
    Many white dogs and poodles have a problem with this discolor under there eyes.

    • I use johnson and johnson baby shampoo the one that is pink in color, no irritation to the eyes and great for there skin…no harsh chemicals. gl

  6. How long should it take for pink eye to go away?
    my doc already said that it was pink eye and he gave me eye drops. how long should it take for the pink eye to go away? I hope it is gone by Christmas! I have 2 little kids in the house (the oldest is 2 years old). Also, does anyone know how long i should be putting them in?

    • Hello Cat, Just had same thing and my doctor saved me money & time by telling me to wash my eyes with “Johnson’s (brand) Baby Shampoo” every few hours during the day. You must have eyes OPEN when washing, remember it was designed for babies so it will not burn. Something in the ingredients kills any bacteria. For a precaution, i would wash my childrens eyes as well when you bathe them next time to possibly prevent them from getting it. Try it……it works.

  7. Are there herb remedies for clogged tear ducts?
    my friend has a toddler and has had clogged tear ducts since infancy. They have visited a doctor. But they want to try natural remedies first.I know some common remedies, but it is mostly used for pink eye.

    • My husband has this problem and he makes sure the soap he washes his face with does not have animal protein in it. He uses seaweed soap. Also the shampoo has to have no animal protein. He uses Johnson’s baby shampoo. Since he started doing this everything has been fine.

  8. Can you take daily vitamins continuously? If I stop taking them, the corners of my mouth split and I get styes
    I take One-a -day vitmains for women; after taking therm for like a year and a half, I decided to stop taking them for a month or two. A week after stopping taking the vitamins, the corners of my mouth split and I got a pink eye. I did some research and they say that split mouth corners are a sign of lack of vitamin D. I started taking them again but I am afraid there are bad consequences for my health if I take them continuously.

    • Yes, you can take vitamins daily and I think its actually good for you because you may not be getting enough vitamins and minerals your body needs from food so the vitamins could help you with that. Dr. Oz on Oprah recommend that the big multi-vitamin capsule be split in half so you can take one in the morning and the other in the evening so there’s like a continuous supply of vitamins in the body or its sort of time regulated. It could be that your immune system got weaker after you stopped taking vitamins thats why you got those infections. For stye (which I do get myself), try to not use eyeliner and wash the lashes and eye lid and the lower part of the eye with no-sting soap or shampoo (I use Johnson’s baby shampoo), gently rub it with a soft cloth and rinse. Sometimes bacteria get trapped there causing the styes. Take care.

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