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  1. What could be causing my intense eye pain?
    My pain is random, and only lasts a few seconds, but is VERY VERY sharp and intense. It hurts between my left brow bone and around the orbital bone- above my eye. I dont get headaches, i dont have discharge, and i doubt its an allergy. I plan on seeing a doctor soon, but I’m curious if anyone has any ideas of what it can be. By the way… I’m only 25.

    • Do you have tight muscles in your neck? That would be the most logical for those muscles go to the top of the head for it’s movements and when they are tight up there they pull on other muscles until there is nothing to pull away from and then there is pain. That is how it can go from the back of the head to the front for the pain. To get rid of that you have to release the muscle in your neck and here’s how to do that:
      Put your hands alongside your head so your thumbs are on the front of the muscle under your ear and your fingers are on the back of the muscle behind your head. Squeeze your thumb and fingers together and hold. Relax your body. After 45 seconds, slowly lower your head as far as you can, release the pressure but hold your neck lowered for another 30 seconds.
      For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.

  2. I’m feeling pain on/near my forehead, symptoms of anything?
    So this started a couple days ago after we got back from Vegas.
    Yesterday, it was just “pressure” behind my left eye, and it is still there, but a lot less.
    Today, it’s a little pain on my brow-bones, and a little bit of pressure behind both eyes.
    My nose has been pretty stuffy, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.
    Also, when I duck down or get up like I would normally do, or also when I try to blow my nose, the pain on my brow-bones increases until I stop.
    What could these be symptoms of?
    Also -not trying to be gross, but it might be important-, when I blew my nose, the snot was a yellowish color. Could that mean anything?

    • It could be a migraine. The eye pain is typical, along with the pressure, and the stuffy nose. You also said you just got back from Vegas – a change in climate and air pressure (IE plane) can trigger one.

      Some ibuprofen should help. If it persists for another day though, you should go to the doc, just to be safe.

      Just saw your edit – you could just have a sinus infection. Some antibiotics will clear it up.

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    • Whoa! Mature content warning! There are kids on the site.

      It’s alright. I’m guessing this is a first draft, considering the horrid grammar/punctuation mistakes. Run-on sentences and period-less sentences flooded this piece. Oh well; some editing will fix this.

      “You are the devils whore and you love every minute of this because you’re a dirty whore.” This was only mentioned three times! Try not to be so repetitive.

      Your detail was… well, confusing. Again, this goes with run-on sentences, because you didn’t add any commas to separate different descriptions in the same sentence. Read over it and see if it sounds right to you; it doesn’t to me!

      Overall, it was just alright. With a couple of touch-ups you should be fine. Good luck!

  4. The symptoms of Sinus Infection?
    My wife has a real bad ( what could be a sinus infection) pain in her ear, left side of her face, and behind her left eye into the brow bone. It’ s like this for the past couple days, and she has taken several different kinds of medications for the issues and nothing seems to be working…

    • Have you guys looked at nasal irrigation? Ok so not even the NAME sounds like fun but once you get used to it it can work wonders. IMHO it’s best to start w/ things like that, before going too deep into medication and things.
      Also be aware that there have been advances in the treatment of CHRONIC sinusitis. It used to be that surgery was the only answer but balloon sinuplasty and others have added to the list of viable options.
      Best of luck to you. Take care.

  5. Why Do i Have Pain Around my Left eye and around my temple Area?
    like yesterday i had a pain behind my eye, & my mom said it could be nervous Tenstion or Sinus Pressure .& i got a headache & it was goin from one place to another like on the left side of my face, then it was in the middle of my forehead & then top left corner around my eye brow you knowhere the Bone is Sorry if i confused you just hard to explain when i cant really show you

  6. Should I see a doctor? I don’t know what else to do about my headache.?
    Its been almost a month now of the same recurring pain. I’ve had a small lump in my neck for months with some nagging pain but never anything serious. I always thought it was just stress. But recently the pain from my neck has started spreading up my neck behind my ear and up into my temples ending up right behind my brow bone. I know what a migraine feels like and I’m positive it’s not that. And it’s only on my left side. I’m just getting so tired of going to bed with this pain and waking up with it too. I can’t let this annoyance rule my life I’m getting ready to go to college and I’m worried it will affect me while I’m there.
    P.S. I’ve tried just about every kind of OTC medicine there is for headaches i’ve tried massages and relaxation.
    P.S.S. I’ve also had problems with sleeping. I usually never get more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night but I seem to function fine and I’m used to it I’ve had sleep disturbances for years without the headaches. I just hope I can finally get some answers. Thanks!

    • if you have a lump, YES! go see a doctor! you should have like, however long ago you first found the lump! im not a doctor but i can almost garuntee that lump is the source of all your problems

  7. Should I go to the doctor?
    For a few months now whenever I press or massage on my eyebrows/eye brow bone it is really tender and painful. You know how you get a headache and if you rub your temples on the side of your head you feel pain. That’s how it feels on my eyebrows. I keep hearing sinus infection but I thought I would have to have other problems for it to be sinuses. I can breathe fine, my nose isn’t clogged it’s just my eyebrows. What should I do? is there anything I can take, or just take my behind to the doctor?

  8. I’ve had this headache for four days?
    It’s like a charley horse in my forehead, you can even see the knot above my brow bone… It’s killing me, I can’t focus on anything please help… has anyone had anything like this before, and do you know how to get rid of it?

  9. Where do headaches from eyesight hurt?
    if you have a headache from having uncorrected farsightedness where on your head would you have headaches? What about if it was a sinus problem?

  10. bizarre cold/flu symptoms?
    It started off as a very sore throat and a chesty cough, then developed into a cold. My symptoms included very bad pain behind my eyes (it felt like they were going to pop out of my head) headaches (every time I coughed it felt like my brain was slamming into the front of my skull) and regular stuffy nose. I’ve had this for over a week now and I haven’t slept since it started. Now, the cough has almost gone, I’m still a bit sniffy however, my headaches have gotten worse, I can hardly see, I can’t focus, I can’t balance, it takes my brain about 5 seconds to catch up with me no matter what I do. My ears are blocked up and my forehead is so tender and painful to touch (just on my brow bone) and I can’t open my mouth fully without feeling pain in the jaw right next to my ears. I really need help. I can’t take another night without sleep and I don’t want to bother the doctors in case it’s nothing. But I need the pain in my head to stop and I’m already filled up on pain killers.

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